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Request Addon Force master fire simple mode change


i dont know if someone did, but if not, can make some simples changes on the simples mode?

the simple mode start with the dual dragons and finish with blaze beam, can you change that? start with blaze beam and finish with dual dragons?
and during Soulburn, change dual dragons with the awekened dragonchar and instead let the dual dragons by last, put another inferno then dual dragons.
so using the normal buttons of the game the simple modes should be:
2 1 X X rmb lmb c rmb lmb v rmb lmb F
or 2 1 X X 2 rmb lmb c 2 rmb lmb v 2 rmb lmb F
during soulburn
2 1 X X F

its possible make simple mode works like that?
ty for who try it.


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Moving skills around is an incredible pain in the rear end.

What you want to do is EVEN WORSE than a real pain.
I would save my sanity and not try that.

If I were you, I would try just swapping the skills, it's a lot easier.
It is still a pain in the read end, but well...


Here's an algorithm I've made to swap 2 lines with 3 replacements in addons:
  1. Search = skill a
    Replace = <!-- skill b -->

  2. Search = skill b
    Replace = skill a

  3. Search = <!-- skill a -->
    Replace = skill b

At the end, both lines should be swapped.
You have to do this for every 2 lines to be wrapped on an addon.

Did I mention that it is a pain?
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That's how much help I can give you, besides doing it for you.
Which I won't.

You can read this post for almost all the info you need on skill editing:

(Slightly outdated examples and images, just run the script I have there on the console, and you will have all the skills in a nice searchable table.)
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