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Buddy For XML Unpacking/Repacking

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Hello all!

As you may already know, many regions have updated the dat structure to v3 and some others have xml v4.
Cucking bns buddy even further, Though easily updateable. Except for the repacking part, as we would need to
extract the x509 certificate & keyphrase and method to generate a new hash for the dat files of the client FOR EACH client accordingly.

Anyways. I am asking you if you could provide me a bin/bin64 compressed folder with config.dat/xml.dat for testing purposes.
And so I can work on it for the upcoming update for buddy!
Please send the ones I need trough inbox or discord for those on my server :)

NA/EU ClientGot it!
RU ClientGot it!
CN ClientGot it!
TW ClientGot it!
TH/VN/... Garena ClientGot it!
JP ClientGot it!

Kr ClientGot it!
As for what's coming in the next update(hopefully all of them):
+ Added: Beautify toggle for applying addons [done]
+ Added: Restore addons from bottom to top [done]
+ Added: Support for BXML4 [done]
+ Added: New toggle for astromancer in animation toggles [done]
+ Added: Config editor for d912pxy [done]
+ Added: Updateable d912pxy config file [done]
+ Added: BnSPatch Support and the plugins(multiclient and more) along with it [done]
+ Added: Addon Manager for bnspatch [done]
+ Updated: IP for na region [done]
+ Updated: Keys for the regions .... [done?]
+ Updated: Internal updater has been updated [done]
+ Moved: MultiClient toggle [done]
+ Fixed Bug: The archer animation toggle was partially broken [fixed]
+ Fixed Bug: Comments were not fixed properly in dat editor [fixed]
+ Fixed Bug: Double clicking the BnSBuddy icon from taskbar would cause unwanted actions [fixed]
+ Fixed Bug: Unhandled error when nclauncher service does not work [fixed]

+ Fixed Bug: Access denied when blocked by antivirus or anything would cause unhandled error [fixed]
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