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Font UE4 Comics Damage-Font



Hi, I came up with a Comics Damage-Font (which is quite similar to MapleStory damage if I'll be frank, maybe I'll make an exact copy of that soon).
If you liked it/downloaded it please drop me a like or comment :) I'd love to hear your opinions.

* Notes:
- Make sure you enable Critical Hit Text if you want to see the BOOM effect.
- This Mod should work only if your game is set o English.


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恐怕我不能为我的计算机上未安装的服务器执行此操作。 这应该只适用于欧盟/美国。 如果你认识一个知道如何修改游戏的台湾人,请随意让他们使用我的 .png 文件(这是第二张图片)。



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how to use ?

Before you try to install ANY MOD AT ALL, make sure the game is starting properly.
If it doesn't start properly, fix it:
  • Fixing common errors:

  • For fixing crashes to the desktop:

These are general steps for all mods you can find:
  1. Download the file;
    Use a private tab if the files aren't attached in the forum post;

  2. Verify the file with virustotal.com;

  3. Open BnSBuddy;

  4. On the left side, click on " 1667989499023.png Mod Manager";

  5. Click on "MOD FOLDER";

  6. Create a folder, with the name of the mod;

  7. Inside that folder, put all the .pak and .sig files;
    If you forget any .sig file, you will get a 1002 or 1003 error;

  8. Click "REFRESH MODS" in BnSBuddy - You should see a new mod show;

  9. ☑️ Select the mod and click "INSTALL SELECTED".
And done! The mod is installed!

However... You need to make sure you have a few plugins installed before starting the game.

  1. On the left side, click on "✰ Extras";

  2. On "Plugin Loader", click on "MANAGE";

  3. Make sure that the "Plugin Loader" looks like this:

    If it looks like this:

    Click on this, and it will enable the plugin loader (shows in blue):
  4. On the left side, under "Plugin Manager", click on "0paksigbypass_[...].zip";

  5. On the top right corner, click on "INSTALL";

  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the plugin "bnsnogg_[...].zip";
And done! You should be able to start the game without issues.

If you have any issues, check the links given on the top.
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