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  1. Lirbo

    Font UE4 Comics Damage-Font

    Hi, I came up with a Comics Damage-Font (which is quite similar to MapleStory damage if I'll be frank, maybe I'll make an exact copy of that soon). If you liked it/downloaded it please drop me a like or comment :) I'd love to hear your opinions. * Notes: - Make sure you enable Critical Hit Text...
  2. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] KR Font for NA/EU/TW

    A request by KeelzYou on the forums. This mod uses the exact same font as the KR client's UI. Includes a How to Use and Known Issues document. HERE IS A FIX IF YOUR GAME DOESN'T LOAD WHILE HAVING THIS MOD AND A VOICEPACK MOD ACTIVE: Just put "Mod_" in front of the name of your other mods or...
  3. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] JP Font for NA/EU

    This mod used Hora's Roboto Font mod as a template. Special thanks to all these people for helping me figure it out. They all contributed tools and information to make this possible. ~From the BnS Buddy Discord: Ashllay, G Spot , Epic, Kayo, and KimCoder~ This mod uses the exact same font as...
  4. Request Font Request for NA Font/Text

    Hi guys I'm playing BNS on TH/VN server. But i want to use the NA font/text because of bigger and more clear cooldown number on buff/debuff icon. How could i bring the NA font to my client? Thanks so much.
  5. GunerX

    Font JP Font 12-21-2019

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/64j1frobbfnjn4c/JP_FONT_12-21-2019.7z/file https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3346df419286566a717a708b600f4719c7a3819f34e3e821aae9e8a73163e8d8/detection REQUIRES JP FONT ADDON: https://www.bnsbuddy.com/index.php?threads/addon-pack.428/
  6. StupidJimmy

    Request Font Make numbers appear smaller possible?

    Hi I just wanted to inquire if it is possible to make the critical numbers appear smaller because they are just too big for me. Don't wanna hide them, just make them smaller. Is there a way? Can someone help me please?
  7. Heldegas

    Font Bigger buff stacks

    EDIT : Moved it on to the native EU/NA UPKs so that we can use special characters AND still have bigger buff stacks (BBS). Shadow in the files was a bitch, so unless someone finds a way to dim the buff icons permanently there are still some icons that will make buffs unreadable. Preview ...
  8. Deserved

    (Updated 04.16.2019) [Release] Arkhip Damage Font + YEET Critical Hit Text

    Update (04.16.2019) Fixed the mod for awakening patch. Fixed any texture-clipping that existed in the older version. Damage numbers should look "fuller" than they did last time, instead of being cut off in some spots. There is a small texture quality drop from the last version, but there is...
  9. Custom Fonts? Is it possible...

    I dropped using the NA font awhile back for the KR version as it was the best option between the three choices available (NA/KR/JP), or at least for my own preference. Although I was curious if it was possible to modify the necessary files to use just about any compatible font. Just for an...
  10. jydbnsmaster

    Request Font korean text for NA/EU Client- 제발

    someone has some file to change the language of the game text to Korean on the NA / EU server because I am learning Korean, and if I have access to it within my favorite game would be of very good use :bnsplease::bnsplease::bnsplease::bnsplease:
  11. GunerX

    JP Font 6-21-2018

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wjcfy8k3ciykiur/JP FONT 6-21-2018.7z VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/6db47e7245df238956ac104d8edc863d468078f66bd4b94346649ca3ce2723f0/detection REQUIRES JP FONT ADDON: https://www.bnsbuddy.com/index.php?threads/addon-pack.428/
  12. Request Font Increase size of shop/dragon express icon fonts

    Here is a request for something that is bugging the hell out of me and I can spend more time looking at the fkn thing lol THe font size for the things soldl in dragon express ( as an exmaple) are red and ludicrously small (probably like font size 6) I am kind of assuming rather than font size...
  13. GunerX

    JP Text for NA Client 1-29-2018

    This mod is intended for Japanese players playing on the NA/EU servers. If you can't read Japanese, why are you here???? Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q1m72tfa127a5yz/JP_Local_Dats_for_NA_Client_1-29-2018.7z Virus Total...
  14. cavok

    Voice Korean Voicepack/Font - Updated 2021-03

    Download Here: link removed Updated 2021-03 for All content up to idk i dont play the game, i just searched through 50000 files for new cues and voicelines. If the download does not work, right click the link and open in Incognito/Private Browsing. [Installation Instructions] 1. Open BNS...
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