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blade master

  1. Addon Blade Master Fire BM skill priority fix

    Can someone please invert the order of Sundering Sword and Lunar Slash in both Base and Enhanced Flicker combos. [Edit 15/08/2019] Nobody wanted to help me, so I did it myself. Also did a bonus and include Lunar Slash before Blade Storm (because my badge reset it) and before Whiling Sword too...
  2. HaeMujin

    Addon Blade Master Spectral BM - A few addons

    Hi there. I won't be making new addons :bnspeace3: --- Below are some addons for the spectral spec. Some are for testing, some are requests, etc. Normal Mode 01: Swordfall (F) on LMB 05: Swaps Starstrike (Tab) with Rally (Z) 07: War Cry on Tab 09: Swaps Tab and V skills 11: Removes the 4th...
  3. RommyRey

    [BM] Fire Blade Master - Simple Mode Fix

    Thank you @Wat for your addon (BM Lightning). I just decided to make something useful for Fire build using your mod. It works amazingly great for me because you can forget using Blade Storm (X), Lightning Rod (C), Sundering Sword (Z). Unfortunately, I can't add Dual Strike (C) to rotation...
  4. Awaken BM Simple Mode ( Lighting only )

    I spent a few days editing and testing the addons and it seems that it finally worked. If you have any problems, please let me know My nick in game: Bruxinho/Juditte Discord: Bruxinho#4607
  5. BM's conflagration flash to LMB/RMB. [AWAKENING]

    This addon removes BM's Conflagration Flash (fire spec) or Fulmination Dragon Strike (lightning spec) from 'F' key to 'RMB' or 'LMB'. It will be pretty useful for faster stance managing, reducing TAB's CD and also it guarantees that you wouldn't accidentally use your HM block. There are three...
  6. RoZZa4EveR

    BM simple mode Lmb Rmb Tab only [OUTDATED]

  7. RoZZa4EveR

    BM simple mode skill changes [OUTDATED]

    This removes blade storm and lightning rod from the basic simple mode rotation and fixes usage of sundering sword before lunar slash (so now you have TAB -> Z) Update: added fix scourge ----------not compatible after awk update--------------------------------...
  8. Request Texture Changing Destroyer Sheathe to Blade Master/Blade Dancer's

    can anyone provide me how to change the way destros sheathe/put back their weapons the way BM/BD's have theirs? im currently swapping axe files into greatswords.
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