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Better Cat Mod - Turn everyone into a cat :3


Long story short, I found a cat mod on a chinese forum (bbs.17173) which, when installed, turned every race into a different colored cat.
I wanted to switch between the different colors on a single race so I "modified" the mod ^^



Below you'll find the zips for the Jin & Lyn race (I'll update this post when I'm done with Gon and Yun if there's interest). The zips contain 2 folders, one for the head and one for the body. Just copy and paste the folder with the wanted color into the Mod folder (from BnSBuddy). You don't have to match the colors if for example you want to play with a pink head and a white body.
The body folder also contains a "SB Addon" folder if you want to change the color during sb. Just make sure if you want stay a cat during sb copy all the files inside the color folder of your choosing into the body folder you want to use.
Also the zips contain all the files for male & female Jin/Lyn (if you want to individually color the gender just pm me and I'll send you the instructions). You have to equip the Hongmoon Outfit to see the cat body (if you want to mod it on a different outfit ask someone who knows how to swap outfits, I won't do it for free). You can also preview the cat mod in the character creator screen!


Sometimes the cat sticks their tongue out below the jaw in idle pose on the Jin version. I'm not sure why this happens only on Jin (not sure about Gon & Yun though)
On the female warlock (Lyn version only) the ears of the cat are bugged on the character change screen, but don't worry! As soon as you load into the game the ears will return to normal.
If there're any other Bugs, for instance outfit not working, sb outfit wrong or anything else just tell me ;)


Now you'll probably notice that you still have your hair which clips through the cat head... To fix this you need to remove the hair and with that I mean completely, invisible so to say. I personally always equip the Alice or Yura hair and I turned them invisible via photoshop. I'll attach the mod for the Alice & Yura hair, for any other hairstyles you need to either do it yourself or ask someone who knows how this works (you can ask me too but before I get flooded with requests about modding this and that... again I won't do it for free ^^)
For Lyns you'll get the best effect if you install the "Lyn EarTail Remover" mod too, because 4 ears and 2 tails won't look that good ;D
Then there's the weapon... sometimes it's fine (although a bit too big for a cat) but on some classes the weapon will stick between the legs of the cat and stay there the whole time. You can fix that by, you guessed it, turning the weapon invisible (finding upk texture, editing alpha channel in photoshop yada yada...). Pro tip: Use a weapon or weapon skin which doesn't have any fancy lighting effects ;)

With that said have funyaa~ :3


  • [Lyn] Cat Mod.zip
    8.6 MB · Views: 91
  • [Jin] Cat Mod.zip
    9.5 MB · Views: 97
  • Lyn-EarTail-Remover.zip
    2.9 MB · Views: 73
  • No hair (Alice, Yura).zip
    563.6 KB · Views: 54
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Cute I guess, but I think ima mod the eyes back to normal whenever I get this.


The eyes are not black by default (that's just my lyn ^^), only the blue/orange eyecolor is used in this mod. Everything else (like size and color of the sclera) changes based on your model :D
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