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  1. Request Texture Did anyone still has the official nude skin?

    Hi, since the link in this thread https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/official-nudity-mod.447/ were all dead, I'd like to request someone, whom happen to have those nude skin, to repost it here (mainly the original skins that NC made.) Thanks in advance!
  2. Request Addon Remove Footstep Sound (I am willing to pay)

    I have my favorite outfit "Thunder God" from the Naryu Labyrinth but when i walking it sounded the extremely annoying metallic sound from the bracelets and belt of outfit, can you please make and mod for bnsbuddy to disable the footstep of that outfit? or mod the 00017632.upk file with that...
  3. Keinodite

    BnS UPK model manipulation tools error

    Hi. I recently started using this software to convert some outfits and accesories. Anyway when I use it to convert accesories or hairs/hats it's totally fine, but when I try converting an outfit, it gives me this error: "Failure from "C\Program Files...
  4. Maiden8

    Texture NSFW Lust YuRan

    The naked body of YuRan is not visible in the cut scene, she covers herself with her arms and legs. This mod will help to see everything. Lust YuRan.zip https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9fc34a1c21b7d17f5d526e821abae80bf01662dfb40bb7bb3de0599529303d9e/detection
  5. Request Addon A mod that disables autohide character when zooming in very close

    you know that feeling when you want to zoom in really close and see those details very very close yea like that the focus character option still hides the character
  6. Request Texture Request for Midnight Action Hero Texture, F Jin

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a texture mod for midnight action hero outfit either for hongmoon uniform or pure evil for jin female. I do not super understand how to use the modding tool so if anyone has any time for this, could you please help me out :3 thank...
  7. Saerilia

    Grand Phoenix Hair Swap Mod

    Hi everyone! This is the first Blade and Soul mod I've ever publically posted, it's essentially a swap mod. It takes the Grand Phoenix hairstyle and places it onto the Infernal Horns item. Plus I'll use this as a place to post any other mods I may make in the future! Thanks everyone who gave...
  8. Yun walk animation

    Hello I want the upk of the animation of walking of the yun in kr this animation thanks sorry for my english.
  9. bunchamin

    mod Christmas 2018

    Download VirusTotal *** All male mod must put 00062007 and 00062008 (both) to your mod folder for complete flur detail around waist. This MOD replace Hongmoon School outfit. How to use 1. Create folder name "mod" in your game CookedPC folder i.e. [install path] (NA/EU) choose one for your...
  10. Request Texture courtesan outfit mod

    can someone remove the yellow and pink overall for jin f
  11. Request Texture Help with Recolor GonM costume from Green to Metallic Blue (Pic provided)

    Here's the details of the GonM green costume Need to recolor to Metallic Blue
  12. UiaiTopKekSin

    Addon Fulfilled Old CBT Idle

    I would like to know if there's an already existing mod for this idle, or if someone can make mod of this idle, please. (Sorry for not using spoiler)
  13. Hime

    Urban Legend [ replaces Hongmoon Uniform ]

    PREVIEW JinM GonF GonM LynF LynM Yun [/spoiler] DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL Special thanks to Kaigame for the upk info! ♥ (except for the JinF ;>)
  14. Texture Fulfilled Shangri-la hair into mythos helmet

    Hello guys, any can create mod to change shangri-la hair into mythos helmet ? Thks in advance.
  15. Roxas

    Better Cat Mod - Turn everyone into a cat :3

    Intro Long story short, I found a cat mod on a chinese forum (bbs.17173) which, when installed, turned every race into a different colored cat. I wanted to switch between the different colors on a single race so I "modified" the mod ^^ Picture Installation Below you'll find the zips for the...
  16. Texture Fulfilled Finding to LynF Costume

    I need it. please share to me Thank you.
  17. Hime

    JinF_048 to Yun Wreath

    Hello again! With another little mod. It replaces JinF_048 hair with Yun's Wreath. Has a little bald spot on top of the head, so keep that out of your screenshots ;> PREVIEW DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL
  18. Hime

    JinF_044 Hair to Custom Gon Hair

    Hai guys! Here's a mod I made with some little hex editing ;w; It will replace JinF_044 hair with the Custom Gon Hair from vk.com/bnsmod. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL
  19. Help!! Korean Nude Mod

    Hello! Late to the party about appreciating nude mods, but does anyone by chance know where I could get a Korean Nude Mod where it's not just me who can see that my character is naked, but everyone else can see it too? (I'm getting tired sending my friends who play with me screenshots of my...
  20. Senix

    Request Texture Loose Cannon Outfit Remove the coat

    Just as the title is said. If anyone can remove the white feathered coat part of the outfit that would be awesome. For female gon (willing to pay gold if it comes down to it possible other methods besides gold) hit me up on discord for more details
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