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  1. Ashe23

    Texture UE4 Ice Breaker to Ice Crystal Illusion Weapon Swap Mod

    Ice Breaker Illusion Weapons modded to Ice Crystal for every classes except for : Ice Breaker Illusion Harp and Twin Swords modded to Ice Fractal Illusion It will break Joybringer Illusion Weapon but who have that anyway >.>
  2. Request Texture How to mod BnS now?

    Can I get a how-to on costume mods and that is all? I'm completely new to BnS buddy and a lot of stuff seems out of date. Would appreciate any help thats out there :)
  3. archonveins

    Request Texture Dance Animation UE4 [NSFW] Fighting animation request

    nsfw animation request where it replaces fighting animations with hump animations or masturbation towards the viewer (instead of facing toward the enemy it faces toward the viewer) when you land heavy or special skills it makes you cum. Would look fun with a bunch of people humping next to...
  4. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] KR Font for NA/EU/TW

    A request by KeelzYou on the forums. This mod uses the exact same font as the KR client's UI. Includes a How to Use and Known Issues document. HERE IS A FIX IF YOUR GAME DOESN'T LOAD WHILE HAVING THIS MOD AND A VOICEPACK MOD ACTIVE: Just put "Mod_" in front of the name of your other mods or...
  5. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] JP Font for NA/EU

    This mod used Hora's Roboto Font mod as a template. Special thanks to all these people for helping me figure it out. They all contributed tools and information to make this possible. ~From the BnS Buddy Discord: Ashllay, G Spot , Epic, Kayo, and KimCoder~ This mod uses the exact same font as...
  6. Fate

    Open do mods still work on ue4?

    that's a bit shameless but... I tried to install nude mod but that didn't work for me. I don't know if I should give trying or not
  7. Addon What is skill ID?

    Anyone know skill ID for this skill?
  8. NyAnaD

    Texture search The Divine Maiden Ayona Mod

    Hello or good evening I'm looking for the mod "the divine maiden ayona" would anyone have the mod? I've been looking for it for a little while now /peek
  9. Texture Looking for the upk files to this outfit?

    Hello I’m looking for the upk files to this outfit for lyn and jin and the name please?:bnsrose:
  10. Tecnocat#9232

    Request Texture Animation its there a way to make 3d modelyou character to print

    hello, was wonder if theres a way to obtain the model 3d of the character to be able to use? any know
  11. PoChung

    Texture My first build mod ~ ^ ^ Pink babe

    This is my first build mod, it use photoshop and 3ds max tools,the shiny effect is use m files to make the material have shiny. ..I will not put the texture to mediafile,last time i have a question but no one want to help me so .... :bnsblep: maybe someday my feel's good i will make a mods for...
  12. Kayo

    Texture Retexture for "Summer Glow" and "Summer Saga" (JinF only)

    my pantyhose fetish made me make a pantyhose version but since i believe bare legs fit a bit better i made 2 versions, Summer Saga looks the same on both versions it only affects "Summer Glow". The Pantyhose i made for the one version slightly changes, depending on the Skincolor it could be a...
  13. Request Texture Hair swap pls. I'm too dumb.

    Is there any kind soul that would do a hair swap for a lil retarded loli? I would like Moontide Hair or Silver Saberfang Hairband (whichever is easier I guess?) to be made into Alice Ribbon. Lyn F. No idea bout upk names. I got nothing to offer for it, other than my gratitude. :bnsshy: Yes, I...
  14. oXDanteXo

    Other i need this UI

    need this mod UI who can help me get it?
  15. Hime

    Open Custom Hair Colors

    Hi! Might be getting back into BnS again, after being away for like.. idk.. 1.5 months? I remember seeing a picture of KunN_117 hairstyle in like.. custom colors? Hair was black and had like this ombre moment, with pink ends for example. I think I saw the picture on vk.com, but I'm not looking...
  16. Medicine

    Texture ☆ Medicine's mod collection & request station ☆

    Hey guys! I have a lot of free time on my hands right now, and I decided to return to B&S (gone for 3+ years haha). I taught myself how to mod again, and I figured, why not share my mods! I'll mostly be sharing mods I made for myself, both texture edits and outfit/accessory/weapon swaps. I'll...
  17. Nimbi

    Request Texture NSFW Outfit MOD Request

    Can someone please make an NSFW Mod for the Noble of the Sea outfit that supports all available races for the outfit? I would like it for the Femal characters btw.
  18. mattiaperry95

    Solved Ambiguous package name blade and soul

    like the title say. i try unattended but still dont work. it crash at the splash image (no error shows up). server EU. tryed default path and the alternate one. 1572364955 well this is strange. it do the same thing even without mods.it crashes even with the native launcher. ill try to reinstall.
  19. Request Texture Did anyone still has the official nude skin?

    Hi, since the link in this thread https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/official-nudity-mod.447/ were all dead, I'd like to request someone, whom happen to have those nude skin, to repost it here (mainly the original skins that NC made.) Thanks in advance!
  20. Request Addon Remove Footstep Sound (I am willing to pay)

    I have my favorite outfit "Thunder God" from the Naryu Labyrinth but when i walking it sounded the extremely annoying metallic sound from the bracelets and belt of outfit, can you please make and mod for bnsbuddy to disable the footstep of that outfit? or mod the 00017632.upk file with that...
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