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  1. skylifex

    Other gon animation to jin animation emoji ue4 needed

    i love gon animation on jin alot with its emoji i wish if anyone can able to make gon animation to jin- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1301U62S6HKYGPfMZlEfRkfk0SO_OUltD?usp=sharing jin animation - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u4tjtL5I6k1kjAZsIzGI8VRN3MPKjwOr?usp=sharing
  2. Hime

    Texture [MOD] Archer Hair for JinF_048

    Finally >-< After many tries, I can finally give you archer hair for JinF, replaces JinF_048 ♥ Enjoy! *w* PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: VIRUSTOTAL
  3. [JinF] Hongmoon and Cerulean Order to Bikinis

    I was annoyed with starter outfits "flapping" while running so I replaced it with minimalistic bikinisP.S. I know it is easy to do with One Click Tool, just wanted to share
  4. Toracooko

    Request Texture Dreamcutter edit for Jin F

    How do I convert a dds file to UPK, and how would I go about changing this old mod by Naduron to a useable upk file? File: https://www.undertow.club/attachments/jin-costume-dreamcutter-rar.48962/?temp_hash=f1363a2f3b69e8359d47bd2207fd192e Would someone be able to create it, or tell me how...
  5. UiaiTopKekSin

    Addon Fulfilled Old CBT Idle

    I would like to know if there's an already existing mod for this idle, or if someone can make mod of this idle, please. (Sorry for not using spoiler)
  6. Request Texture JinF Hongmoon Uniform to Summer Glow

    Hello, I was hoping someone could provide me mod upks for JinF as stated in the title. I tried updating the database, but it didn't change anything, or it just doesn't show the costume I want. Any help would be appreciated. :)
  7. Roxas

    Better Cat Mod - Turn everyone into a cat :3

    Intro Long story short, I found a cat mod on a chinese forum (bbs.17173) which, when installed, turned every race into a different colored cat. I wanted to switch between the different colors on a single race so I "modified" the mod ^^ Picture Installation Below you'll find the zips for the...
  8. Request Texture Custom Fight Night

    Is it possible to change the fur color on Custom Fight Night to white? For Jin males? And if so, could anyone help me mod it? :bnsplease:
  9. Ashe23

    Buddy Splash Edited Gold

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rhv832ei25sva95/Buddy_Splash_Edited.zip
  10. Hime

    JinF_048 to Yun Wreath

    Hello again! With another little mod. It replaces JinF_048 hair with Yun's Wreath. Has a little bald spot on top of the head, so keep that out of your screenshots ;> PREVIEW DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL
  11. Hime

    JinF_044 Hair to Custom Gon Hair

    Hai guys! Here's a mod I made with some little hex editing ;w; It will replace JinF_044 hair with the Custom Gon Hair from vk.com/bnsmod. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL
  12. Kouyouku

    Tailor shop mods

    Replacing the original textures to be painted. I do not know the names of all the costumes. (I would be grateful if someone would tell me their names.) Be guided by this scheme. LynF JinF Kun / Yun GonF I will update this topic when I make new mods.
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