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Other Begone Soul Lightning Effect (Thunderflux+Vitalsurge Red/Yellow Lightning Removal Mod)


Hi guys. I created this mod earlier today through a bit of trial and error in hex editor. The mod successfully removes the red/yellow visual lightning effects that are seen from individuals who are using Thunderflux and Vitalsurge souls (these visual lightning effects drop fps especially when there are multiple individuals with these souls hitting the same target)

I distributed the mod across a couple discord servers and it seems to be working for everyone who has tested it, even myself with True Thunderflux on my FM. I no longer see the red or yellow visual lightning effects from targets hit by anyone with the new tier souls. There has been no crashing whatsoever as a result of using this mod.

The modded upk can be found within my google drive below and can be installed through BNS Buddy's mod manager tab after creating a new folder (within your mod folder) to place this modded upk in.

Enjoy o/


(EDIT: After 2 weeks since creating/using the soul lightning removal mod, there has still been no crashing or frame drops in dungeon or raid content as a result of using this mod. Same result has been for the many others who have used the mod since 2 weeks ago. I will update the upk in the future in case NCWEST does happen to modify it during future updates because there are a few lines in that upk that do lead to crashing when nulled/edited wrongly)
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