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improve fps

  1. buddyUp

    Other Begone Soul Lightning Effect (Thunderflux+Vitalsurge Red/Yellow Lightning Removal Mod)

    Hi guys. I created this mod earlier today through a bit of trial and error in hex editor. The mod successfully removes the red/yellow visual lightning effects that are seen from individuals who are using Thunderflux and Vitalsurge souls (these visual lightning effects drop fps especially when...
  2. Other [powershell script]Character effect remover with toggles based on holo's app v1

    v4 changes- added astromancer, force master 3rd spec and cleaned up the code a bit how to run the program: 1. Extract the contents of the zip and run EffectRemoval.bat(it'll ask for administrator for file permissions to read and write from c drive). 2. Select cookedpc folder in your bns...
  3. HoloWiseWolf

    Other [TOOL][JAVA] Character Effect Remover v1.0.8 [Update:04/10/2020]

    CHARACTER EFFECT REMOVER (Yes, it's a glorified copy paste app) CURRENT VERSION v1.0.8 Just so everyone is aware. Aside from being quite busy and not having a lot of time I also am slowly moving away from BnS in favour of FFXIV, I will do my best to keep that tool alive...
  4. Airix

    Other Airix's Optimization Compendium

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