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improve fps

  1. Other [powershell script]Character effect remover with toggles based on holo's app v1

    Single executable to run the program. Can customize the app as you want for your use. v1 changes- added toggles, fixed archer tab effects and sb mod added destro 3rd spec how to run the program: Extract the contents of the zip and run EffectRemoval.exe as administrator(for file permissions to...
  2. HoloWiseWolf

    Other [TOOL][JAVA] Character Effect Remover v1.0.5 [Update:18/12/2019]

    CHARACTER EFFECT REMOVER (Yes, it's a glorified copy paste app) CURRENT VERSION v1.0.5 THANKS TO XRain55 for providing list of UPK containing most of the effects in this thread https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/warden-light-great-fix-with-fps.1178/ My friend Aki for reminding me to add 2 kfm...
  3. Airix

    Other Airix's Optimization Compendium

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kzqnGl2B99b3O6emO56KVlU0EPDFzwgc discord https://discord.gg/JK7QyWG
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