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  1. HaeMujin

    Addon Forcemaster Lightning FM - A few addons

    Hi there. I won't be making new addons :bnspeace3: --- Still learning how to mod the new .xml... Some of the addons are in the old format (.patch) and could conflict with other addons you already have. Simple Mode 01: Autocast Electrocute (Z) 02: Swaps Force Blast (3) with Magnetize (4)
  2. buddyUp

    Other Begone Soul Lightning Effect (Thunderflux+Vitalsurge Red/Yellow Lightning Removal Mod)

    Hi guys. I created this mod earlier today through a bit of trial and error in hex editor. The mod successfully removes the red/yellow visual lightning effects that are seen from individuals who are using Thunderflux and Vitalsurge souls (these visual lightning effects drop fps especially when...
  3. Assassin Lightning Rod to LMB (Normal Mode)

    I got tired of accidentally blowing my choke bomb when a random tick of whatever knocked me out of stealth, so I created this addon to swap Lightning Rod to LMB and Spinal Tap to 4 in Lightning spec (Way of the Shadow). This addon is currently for Way of the Shadow normal mode only, but I may...
  4. Hashi

    Request: Lightning Assassin Simple Mode

    Hello Guys, Been fiddling around the XML file following Cupid's instructions, but can't seem to figure it out... Basically Trying to make Assassin Simple Mode in stealth to be 4 > rmb > 4 > rmb (basically making it 2 full rotations due to 4 not being cancelled in simple mode). And also trying...
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