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  1. Other Remove premium icon on nameplate

    As title said, few things to know: -no, this will not give any performance boost, only visual. -yes, big file, but that's where the game read it so not much i can do. -may or may not need updating in the future, i will check for as long as i play the game...
  2. redi

    Request Texture Anyone have the White Rosetta (Red and Black version) LynF upk file ?

    Hey guys, anyone have the White Rosetta(the red and black version) file for Female Lyn ? I'm searching on web but i cant find in anywhere. I want use this upk version to replace the Hongmoon Clan outfit. Thanks in advance. what i want: the actual one:
  3. Other Archer skill effects upk

    Has anyone found the upk for archer skill effects? (not animation, just the flashy effects)
  4. Request Texture I want to find the upk numbers data.

    I want to find the upk numbers (Until recently). ex). yun basic costume = 00013302, 00013303, 00013304 I have bladesoultool 2.0.7 (upk changer), This is only until 2016. :(
  5. Request Texture soulburn/soulflare upk

    As the title says, all i want are the soulburn/soul flare upk as well as their accessories (wings to be more specific) trying to replace soulflare with soulburn but sadly, i don't have the time to update the oneclick tool's database (takes for-goddamn-ever) and this will be my only time to play...
  6. Saerilia

    Grand Phoenix Hair Swap Mod

    Hi everyone! This is the first Blade and Soul mod I've ever publically posted, it's essentially a swap mod. It takes the Grand Phoenix hairstyle and places it onto the Infernal Horns item. Plus I'll use this as a place to post any other mods I may make in the future! Thanks everyone who gave...
  7. [OneClick Database] TW vs NA/EU: Which server has more costume UPK files?

    Latest NA/EU Costume Database here: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=12b3GdD5SovfoNs8FJ6Kuw7DpvXFW0281&export=download Not sure whether it's worth the effort (RAM + HDD space) to use this method (https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/updating-one-click-tool-database.164/) to perform a full dump of the...
  8. Request Texture UPK Manager does not export any upk file

    When i just remove a part of an outfit it just fine but i replace a part of an outfit which have skin of character under this part with another part of an another outfit, the UPK Manager doesn't rebuild any UPK file. There is my D, M, S, N files. Can someone help me fix this issues or show my...
  9. Request Texture UPK Numbers and Bnsmodtool-Codes for Nomad and Shangri-la costumes?

    Nomad: Shangri-la
  10. Request Texture Summer 2018 bikini upk names?

    Greetings. Can anyone tell please the latest bikini outfit number or upk names?
  11. Request Addon Current idle animations upks names for all classes?

    Greetings. I want to save my current idle animations and replace that horrible s**t NCsoft will add with skills awakening. Do anyone know please upks names for them? I really need gon male kfm's ones, but will be appreciatefor other classes and races too.
  12. Jhoop

    Can someone help me with cat ears

    I've been wondering if u could turn the cat ears into lyn's 9 tail with ears but i dont know how Can someone help me with this
  13. Texture Fulfilled Shangri-la hair into mythos helmet

    Hello guys, any can create mod to change shangri-la hair into mythos helmet ? Thks in advance.
  14. Request Texture Looking for a Lyn upk!

    ImI trying to find the upk for the female Lyn "summer saga variant" outfit I found all of the other variant upks, but no luck on that one >__<; thanks in advance!
  15. Request Texture Tailor Outfit Request

    I have absolutely no idea how to mod a tailor shop outfit. I was trying to remove the bra from the tailor shop version of pure white for JinF for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) reasons, but since I am a modding newb, I have no idea where to start since none of the exportable files are "Texture2D". even my upk...
  16. Request Texture Can someone help me find a Upk?

    So I'm still fairly new to modding bns, but I'm trying to find a Upk to mod. I looked all over in the bnsmodtool but couldn't find familiar skins. Like for summoner, you can equip skins to change how your cat looks. There's one skin that looks like a panda, and that's the one I want to edit. Buy...
  17. Texture Fulfilled finding race specific head upk's [JinF]

    has anyone able to find whats the upk for JinF or JinM? im trying to swap GonF/GonM to Jin but cant for the life of my find the head upks.
  18. Request Texture GonF Howl at the Moon for JinF

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make the Gon Female version of Howl at the Moon for Jin Female. I am willing to pay for it :)
  19. Ashe23

    Dance Boom Slang Dance Mod

    Preview : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/u8035mwgks3fn57/HipHop.zip
  20. Ashe23

    Dance NSFW Pole Dance Mod

    Preview : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/b48zm3ie61ilue4/PoleDance.zip
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