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Request Texture Fulfilled What is this hairstyle?


Bamboo Warrior
Hi, anyone know what this hairstyle is? I clicked through everything on the one click tool as well as trying to preview head adornments in-game, can't find anything similar to this.


Edit: Well it looks like after a bit of digging, I've found this hairstyle, and sadly I have to say, this seems to be a China exclusive version of the nightmare hairstyle from Skybreak Spire. I found an image of this hairstyle UPK info on a Chinese website.

As you can see here, this UPK actually corresponds to the Nightmare hair on both NA/EU and KR, but not on CN.

NA/EU and KR version, same UPK and ID.

So there we go, if anyone wants this hairstyle, you'll have to download the Chinese client and get the file from there.
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