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  1. GB28

    Other Enhanced Sliders mod for Unreal Engine 4?

    Is there an enhanced sliders mod available for Unreal Engine 4? I tried using old ones and none of them work, and I can't get BnS buddy todecompile XML.dat so I can edit it manually
  2. kamilwtrawie

    Open Cant get the tool to work :(

    So I've downloaded the tool today and I did everything as said in the guide but the tool doesnt seem to work.....There aren't any errors and it works smoothly, but when I click replace left to right nothing happens, I've checked the "mod" folder in CookedPC and it's empty :( Any ideas on how to...
  3. Islandari

    Solved Empty Mod List

    Even after following the comprehensive video and some attempted research, I am unable to get mods to appear like the video shows. I have the files exactly where it is shown in other threads.
  4. Punio

    Step by step: How to use mods, addons and custom splashes

  5. Request Texture Looking for a Lyn upk!

    ImI trying to find the upk for the female Lyn "summer saga variant" outfit I found all of the other variant upks, but no luck on that one >__<; thanks in advance!
  6. Request Texture Can someone help me find a Upk?

    So I'm still fairly new to modding bns, but I'm trying to find a Upk to mod. I looked all over in the bnsmodtool but couldn't find familiar skins. Like for summoner, you can equip skins to change how your cat looks. There's one skin that looks like a panda, and that's the one I want to edit. Buy...
  7. Ashe23

    Dance Boom Slang Dance Mod

    Preview : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/u8035mwgks3fn57/HipHop.zip
  8. Ashe23

    Dance NSFW Pole Dance Mod

    Preview : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/b48zm3ie61ilue4/PoleDance.zip
  9. Ashe23

    Texture Blue Colored Beach Day (JinF)

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/tf9p3ch73j733z2/JinF_BeachDay.zip Feel free to share yr screenshots with my swimsuit in this thread :bnspeace3:
  10. Ashe23

    Splash NSFW Jin Soyun in Undies Splash

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1zk4f78v4xfmzcm/JinSoyun_Undies_Splash.zip
  11. Kaei

    Lyn Fox/Dragon Tails upks

    Hello! I have complied the newest ears/tails for Lyns which you can d/l below. I have tried one of each tail in game (NA/EU client) which you can see here: Nine Tails upks - http://www.mediafire.com/file/v48ynjrdlaqgpqn/LYN_FOX_TAILS.rar Dragon Tails upks -...
  12. GunerX

    Will I get Banned For Modding? No you will not.

    Blab himself has stated previously that "so long as it does not trigger GameGuard (now Xigncode), you will not be banned". While Modding is "technically" against the ToS, they are not going after people who mod. "But Random person XYZ got banned for modding! Its totally True! I have no proof...
  13. GunerX

    Splash NSFW My Splashes (incase anyone actually wanted them)

    Just putting these here incase anyone wanted them, doubt anyone would tho. Preview of two of them (too lazy to make previews for all of them)
  14. GunerX

    How to use Addons with BnS Buddy

  15. GunerX

    Increase FPS for Nvidia Users

  16. GunerX

    Blade and Soul One Click Tool

    A General Guide to the Blade and Soul One click Replacement Tool Download the Tool Here | This download is ment for the average user and is confirmed to be 100% functional. This archive was made using 7zip, please use 7zip to extract it. Download the Tool Here | Normal Zip | Use this if you get...
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