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Texture Lyn Fox/Dragon Tails upks

Discussion in 'Texture Mods' started by Kaei, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Kaei

    Kaei Cricket Member

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  2. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    can u reduce the size of ears and increase the size of tail ? (nine tails one) would look nice :bnsthumbsup::bnswink:
  3. Kaei

    Kaei Cricket Member

    Sorry I am not that advanced in modding to know how to do that. I just know the very very basics :bnsshy::bnssweat:
  4. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    gonna wait till you evolve your modding skills :bnspeace2::bnswink:
  5. Dausu

    Dausu Cricket Member

    Does this work the same way ordinary modding does? As in just tossing in mod folder within cookedPC?
  6. Kaei

    Kaei Cricket Member

    Yes, but you have to mod it first, these are just the original upks :)

    Once modded onto the current ears/tail you are using, you need to put the original upk as well as the modded files in the mod folder as EU/NA does not have the new tail/ears in CookedPC yet.
  7. Amber A Williams

    Amber A Williams Cricket Member

    what do you mean could you give a video or list of what to do i dont understand what you said, how am i supposed to mod them? and do i put all the upk files of just the ears