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  1. Open Costume to Adornment - Skin colour error

    Hey all, I'm playing around with combining costumes, putting the lower half of Shock Jock as the Shadowless Defender and a swim suit top as the adornment, to be specific. The skin colour for the lower half attached to the main costume works fine. The skin colour for the top half attached to...
  2. Keinodite

    BnS UPK model manipulation tools error

    Hi. I recently started using this software to convert some outfits and accesories. Anyway when I use it to convert accesories or hairs/hats it's totally fine, but when I try converting an outfit, it gives me this error: "Failure from "C\Program Files...
  3. Crash or error after klik login button

    i have crash and cant login on few day . nothing change on my bns buddy files but crash and error after lates patch this is the screeen shot on my error. hope someone can solved the bug
  4. "Report this error to endless along with a screenshot". When trying to launch BNS EU 64 Bit.

    Heyo, My BNS Buddy stopped working all of a sudden. When i try to connect to EU, 64 BIT, it just doesnt work anymore!!! :( Help? :(
  5. After launch BnsBuddy with remplacment launcher bns dont launch !

    Hi everyone im really sorry i follow those steps from the replacement launcher thread (many times) and always when i click on launch my xincode start then when finish disappear in the void then bns dont start .... so I REALLY FOLLOW those steps without error and im not stupid i make some clean...
  6. Corrupted Files

    Hi, I recently decided to try BNS Buddy and it was great , working fine but suddenly everytime I launch game through BNS Buddy after some (random) time I get this error shown in the image: http://i64.tinypic.com/i35bx1.png "Package files are corrupted. Use Check Files to restore them. (None)"...
  7. GunerX

    Common Errors and Possible Fixes

    Below is a list of common things to try if you are having issues with BnS Buddy (or with any program on Windows in general). Follow these steps in order: [Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributed Packages] - Make sure you have them all and make sure they are not corrupted. Use this all in one...
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