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Open Costume to Adornment - Skin colour error


Hey all,

I'm playing around with combining costumes, putting the lower half of Shock Jock as the Shadowless Defender and a swim suit top as the adornment, to be specific.

The skin colour for the lower half attached to the main costume works fine. The skin colour for the top half attached to the adornment does not change from the colour in the defuse map.


My first guess is that adornments don't reference the character's skin colour. I've tried digging in the upk with a hex editor to compare the difference between the adornment's material and the costume's. There are differences that look like it could be it, labels like body, skin, and the like. With my limited knowledge in all this, nothing has worked yet. Maybe someone has worked with this kind of costume combining before and can point me in the right direction.

If it helps i can post the upk's I've been working on, but they're NSFW atm...
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