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  1. XTGMods

    Dance NSFW Animation [GonF, JinF] Custom Dances From Various Games

    I will post custom dance animations in this thread, I've so far edited and made 2 fully finished custom dances for GonF, the JinF versions will be updated later. You must install my nude DoA base body, or else everything will break, and it shouldn't hurt anyways because the DoA nude base body...
  2. XTGMods

    Dance UE4 Cross-race Dance Mods

    GonF Dance for JinF, swapping dances in UE4 no longer requires redirecting one race's to another, this means these mods will not have vice versa effects. For example, GonF dance for JinF will only make Jins dance like Gons, but Gons will keep their original dance animation. So there you have it...
  3. How to How to swap dance animations

    Well .... after a time thinking about , because theare lost files about animations swap , i decided to navigate to the file 12449.upk .... Interesting was the fact that using hxd hex editor i found more than i expected , searching "social" , the second result will lead you to a list of the...
  4. Request Animation LynF Dance

    someone have that mod and can please upload it .
  5. Dance upk number for this dance

    I wonder guys do you know this animation upk number? check the video Lyn Female Dance
  6. Dance Fulfilled /dance2 for Jinf switched to either dance from Gon

    Request the title. Also, if at all possible, perhaps GonF walking animation for JinF?
  7. Ashe23

    Dance Boom Slang Dance Mod

    Preview : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/u8035mwgks3fn57/HipHop.zip
  8. Ashe23

    Dance NSFW Pole Dance Mod

    Preview : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/b48zm3ie61ilue4/PoleDance.zip
  9. GunerX

    We Can Dance If We Want To

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