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How to How to swap dance animations


Well .... after a time thinking about , because theare lost files about animations swap , i decided to navigate to the file 12449.upk ....
Interesting was the fact that using hxd hex editor i found more than i expected , searching "social" , the second result will lead you to a list of the animations of the basic dance emotes ,the list is on the image i uploaded .
A detail i found between the original dance file and a modified one years ago its that theare some differences in the first part of the document and a code they added "SF001H" i dont know why they added that , but works fine as long its not touched , with this list you can swap changing the designations :
JinF (female of course be carefull to dont do something stupid)

Theare for males too , i made myself some files with swaps , but with this clear info anyone could modify that file , i highly recomend to download the files in this link , and in any case of mod a new one , the use of a already modded one with the "SF001H" its highly recommended.
https://mega.nz/file/IlJSSLBY#e_kg7cTGzRLyYbojurkD3OYuMo2MDKkNHldBr4bYQZc Link to the dance swap upks.
For those who arent familiar with hex editors , just one thing .... in hex you NEVER DELETE ANYTHING , you just REPLACE IT with another character or number.... in this case , you will replace 3 or 4 letters , i had some experience swaping some outfit upks....
Update : For some reason , change KunN dance to another character makes the dance animation not work due to unknown reasons , i investigated and is the only trouble i found .... quite ilogical.


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