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  1. XTGMods

    Dance NSFW Animation [GonF, JinF] Custom Dances From Various Games

    I will post custom dance animations in this thread, I've so far edited and made 2 fully finished custom dances for GonF, the JinF versions will be updated later. You must install my nude DoA base body, or else everything will break, and it shouldn't hurt anyways because the DoA nude base body...
  2. XTGMods

    Dance Animation UE4 Social Animations + Base Skeleton (Modders' Resources)

    If anyone else has trouble extracting social animations (emotes, dances etc.) or base skeletons of each race. I went ahead and extracted it into a usable format that can be imported into 3D modelling software such as Blender or 3DS Max. The mesh files are in .psk format, and the animation files...
  3. archonveins

    Request Texture Dance Animation UE4 [NSFW] Fighting animation request

    nsfw animation request where it replaces fighting animations with hump animations or masturbation towards the viewer (instead of facing toward the enemy it faces toward the viewer) when you land heavy or special skills it makes you cum. Would look fun with a bunch of people humping next to...
  4. XTGMods

    Other Animation [UE4] Emotes Facial Expressions Fix - All Races Female and Male

    Since the devs of the game are too busy milking people and designing gambling mechanics, this is only a band-aid attempt at fixing the facial expressions of some emotes under the social section, bow, kiss, wave, flirt etc. I haven't tested this extensively since I don't have the time to do that...
  5. XTGMods

    Dance UE4 Cross-race Dance Mods

    GonF Dance for JinF, swapping dances in UE4 no longer requires redirecting one race's to another, this means these mods will not have vice versa effects. For example, GonF dance for JinF will only make Jins dance like Gons, but Gons will keep their original dance animation. So there you have it...
  6. XTGMods

    Other [UE4] KR Character Customization Preview Poses For GonF (NA/EU)

    Nothing complicated, just changes preview pose 4-6 for GonF during character customization for NA/EU.
  7. Open Animations Modding UE4

    can we now edit / make animations for the game? i saw other modders doing that for other games based ue4
  8. skylifex

    Other gon animation to jin animation emoji ue4 needed

    i love gon animation on jin alot with its emoji i wish if anyone can able to make gon animation to jin- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1301U62S6HKYGPfMZlEfRkfk0SO_OUltD?usp=sharing jin animation - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u4tjtL5I6k1kjAZsIzGI8VRN3MPKjwOr?usp=sharing
  9. skylifex

    Request Addon Walking animation of Yun to Jin

    if anyone know to put walking animation of yun to jin i really appreciate him :_
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