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Other Animation [UE4] Emotes Facial Expressions Fix - All Races Female and Male


Bamboo Warrior
Since the devs of the game are too busy milking people and designing gambling mechanics, this is only a band-aid attempt at fixing the facial expressions of some emotes under the social section, bow, kiss, wave, flirt etc. I haven't tested this extensively since I don't have the time to do that, but what this fix does is replaces the facial expression of the emote 'Fearful' with the broken 'Kiss' facial expression. This will break the facial expressions of the 'Fearful' emote (unfortunately). Weirdly enough, it will fix pretty much all of the emotes under the social section like wave, bow, flirt and such.

However, you must understand that in order for this work, you must first trigger the 'Fearful' emote for the fix to work. You only need to trigger 'Fearful' once, and the subsequent emotes will mostly be fixed. Now I don't know whether it works for a specific period of time as long as you are logged on, or whether or not you have entered an instance or another area. But if you find facial expressions stops working again, just trigger it again via 'Fearful' emote.

There are 4 emotes (other than Fearful) that are still a bit broken, they are 'Stop', 'Charge', 'Soothe' and 'Scout'. Will most definitely conflict with mods that replace 'Fearful' emote.
Here is a demonstration of this fix (maybe NSFW):


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