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BnS Buddy

Buddy Updater

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+ Added: Loading form for users to know if the updater is loading or not
+ Fixed Bug: Unhandled error while fetching the bns buddy server status

Buddy Update & Updater

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Update & Updater
+ Updated: Some Nu-Get Packages were outdated
+ Added: Toggle for BnS Version Check for faster BnS Buddy Startup

+ Added: Updater build on gui
+ Added: Build comparer for users to know if their updater is the latest

Buddy Update

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+ Fixed Bug: Users being able to resize and break the gui on start
+ Fixed Bug: Users after they switch tab to launcher would see more and more empty lines on logs

Buddy Update & Updater

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Update & Updater

+ Reworked: Entire Signature validation has been improved and overhauled for maximum effeciency
+ Added: Support for lower res images for mod preview
+ Fixed Bug: Refresh would not delete all unexisting mods
+ Fixed Bug: Textboxes on launcher would not be at the bottom on start

+ Reworked: Entire Signature validation has been improved and overhauled for maximum effeciency

Buddy Update

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+ Removed: Scrolling behaviour on dropdown for server selection and all to prevent hang
+ Updated: Changed how the compat flags is handled and added for more accuracy
+ Updated: The message for the warning of compat entries has been modified, popup added for easier understanding and what are your options
+ Updated: The list of supported image type for mod preview under the help button
+ Fixed Bug: GETULPS Would have null references and crash on start because errors are not handled
+ Fixed Bug: Mod Manager would color non installed mods with installed mods even if they are not conflicting
+ Fixed Bug: After applying addons, logs would not stay in the box
+ Fixed Bug: Invalid images would throw an error in mod preview
+ Fixed Bug: Clear Compat button would not clear the entries

Buddy Update

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+ Renamed: AMD ULPS for easier understanding
+ Enabled: Ingame memory cleaner is back and improved
+ Updated: IDs for korean login/maintenance/version were changed
+ Updated: NCLauncher.ini has been changed and detection system has been updated
+ Added: A Seperate patch button in addons so users would not require to start game to patch games files if wanted
+ Added: Enhanced innerexception and stacktrace for error reports
+ Fixed Bug: Handling of corrupted file on startup of checking backup configs
+ Fixed Bug: Bool was not properly used to check if region was selected or not
+ Fixed Bug: Mail check on login input is broken
+ Fixed Bug: Parent node having sub folders would skip sub node if parent contained mods
+ Fixed Bug: Parent node not unticking after installing/uninstalling
+ Fixed Bug: Handler for unexisting folder mods would not remove invalid child and parent treenode

Buddy Update & Updater

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After a long time.. Here's another of the biggest updates BnS Buddy has received.
+ Added: Handler for patch files with no replace value
+ Added: Archer animation toggle
+ Added: 3rd spec animation toggle to KFM toggle
+ Added: D912PXY mod for win10 and win7 users only
+ Added: ULPS Toggle for AMD GPUs in extras to maximize performance
+ Added: Prompt warning when fth entries exists
+ Added: Manual selection of cores to run the game on
+ Added: Toggle for affinity manager
+ Added: Support for lower cased N in BNS for version file check
+ Added: Startup entry for BnS Buddy toggle in settings
+ Added: Handling of whitespace in email during login
+ Reworked: Detection of installed mods when installed with files
+ Reworked: Handling of Compat flags and fth are now seperate
+ Reworked: Handling of same folder name in modmanager but different mod files
+ Reworked: Partially reworked the settings handling for easier...

Tool Buddy Dat Editor for Command Line (2020)

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Hey ya'll!

I've had this request in my git for a while now...
So I've decided to finish it once and for all ;)

Git Url: https://github.com/RedDot-3ND7355/BuddyDatCom

You don't have permission to view content!

You need the "DatEditingDll.dll" and "Ionic.Zlib.Core.dll" alongside the "BuddyDatCom.exe" for it to work!!!


Really easy to use! It's got live progress report and works fast ;)
Make sure to run cmd as admin before running it!



Buddy Update

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  • Optimisation: Buddy startup is faster
  • Optimisation: Loading affinity window now loads faster without hang
  • Fixed Bug: Starting buddy while server timeout occured hangs buddy
  • Fixed Bug: Wanting to update within buddy would freeze the app when server timeout occured
  • Fixed Bug: Some extras features were overlapping others
  • Fixed Bug: Loading bar now displayed properly on affinity window

this is more like... a QoL update?

Buddy Update

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  • Added: Scrollbars for Launcher text log and mod log
  • Added: Keep in tray toggle added to settings
  • Fixed Bug: Applying addons with a damaged dat file would result in an error
  • Fixed Bug: Picturebox for splash changer was out of bounds
  • Fixed Bug: When selecting a xml file to edit in dat editor, it would be loaded twice since v5.9.1.7

Buddy Update

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  • Fixed Bug: Wrong strings were used for login to ncsoft servers
  • Fixed Bug: Wrong local version string was used

Buddy Update

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  • Fixed Bug: Version check was checking the wrong strings
  • Fixed Bug: Version check was missing a backslash when on different windows version

Buddy Update

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  • Added: Reload button in dat editor
  • Added: Custom affinity
  • Added: Custom path support for nclauncher 2
  • Added: Version check for supported regions
  • Updated: Ip for na server
  • Reworked: Changed how the settings are handled when changed
  • Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling parent folder of sub mod would cause an error/crash
  • Fixed Bug: Added a null check for bit selection

Event News An Introduction to Fishing

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Source: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/an-introduction-to-fishing/

Fish on! Collect Angler’s Pearls from fishing and exchange them for rewards.
Fishing will be making its way to Blade & Soul on June 19 with the new Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows update. Pristine waters are plentiful in the Earthen Realm, so fish should be bountiful!

Hooked on Fishing
Once you complete Act 10: The Gathering Dark, the Hooked on Fishing tutorial will be made available at the Fishbelly Pub in Sapphire Basin. You don’t need to complete all of Act 10 or the fishing tutorial to start fishing, but completing the quests will provide some complimentary bait. Fishing does require you to be level 60, however.
Fishing grounds are noted on the map with special markers. These locations will be the Fishbelly Pub in Sapphire Basin, the Dasari Palace Gardens in Gunwon City, and Moontide Bay in Moon Refuge.
Each fishing ground has different fish at different grades from common to...

ET Boss 1 and 2 | By Rosephene Black

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Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A1-3KJOVqUB9uUqe_UlS1G4K0nxKiCDSB8YuO4Opv0Y/edit# and https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SrqUB4LDntaLp3xoP5tbe-zrnojnMAmMt9L9OeTqQn0/edit#heading=h.r9p69elfj7x5

IMAGES WILL NOT DISPLAY - CLICK THE SOURCE LINKS FOR FULL DETAILS (yah I could grab the images and put them in by hand, but I dont wanna)

Temple of Eternity Boss 1 Guide
made by Rosephene Black#0598

HP: 8,040,000,000
Enrage Time: 10:00
CC bars: 4

[1] Boss Attack Rotation

1)180º front swipe
2) front slam (knockdown)
3) double spin
4) back slam > front uppercut (knock up)
5)front dash (knockback)
6) 10m circle AoE (knock up)

+Time based attack: teleports to a random position > front slash (knockback) to the
current furthest person

*Time based...

Buddy Update & Updater

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  • Added: Restoring already running buddy if new instance exists
  • Fixed Bug: Not being able to move mod folders for new mod manager would cause an io exception
  • Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling a mod which the folder does no longer exist would trigger an error


  • Fixed Bug: Popups styling from buddy would be broken and button would overlap
  • Fixed Bug: Not being able to move new update would cause an io exception

Buddy Update

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  • Added: a plus button for a full description for the mod
  • Added: Preview button in mod manager
  • Added: Help button for mod manager
  • Added: Beautify button to dat editor for xml cleanup
  • Added: Syntax check for dat editor to prevent corrupted files
  • Added: Disabling menu options when game is already running
  • Added: Save as xml button for dat editor
  • Added: Colors to installed mods
  • Added: Installed mods conflict check
  • Added: Sub mods to mod manager
  • Modified: Mod Manager to install mods...

Tool Xml Slider editor

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As the title says its a slider editor for editing default xml sliders with no risk of ban like the memory changing tool.

very simple to use.

Source: https://github.com/ashllay/BnS-Slider-Editor
Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f8b1zcwgsmbdx80/BnS_Slider_Editor.7z/
Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/fab79e29eba7dab8476ed948356b30bdb28d1a6bd78090d1ebd6b02224cefdc4/detection
There are a false positive detection on the scan because the .exe is now obfuscated and the updated source will not be provided.

Updated: 25/01/2020


Tool (Buddy) Dat Editor (2020)

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I decided to make this tool to render dat editing easier.
So you won't need BnS Buddy for your dat editing needs.

It works the same way as BnSBuddy does, but you only have to chose the paths manually.

How to use:
(Optional if NA/EU) 0-Press Keys and select the region key you need
1-Press Browse Button (in File Select tab)
1.5-Browse to the folder containing the Dat files you want to manipulate/edit
2-Select the item(dat) in the dropbox on the right of browse button
3-Select the file to edit in the tree below
4-(Editor tab opens automatically) You can do the changes desired to the file
5-CTRL+S to save changes.


There's also the good old fashion way of...

News Warden’s Fury: Items and Systems Preview

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The next major Blade & Soul update brings a number of impactful changes to core items and systems.
The Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury update arrives soon, and with it several impactful itemization and systems changes are being made. Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for the full patch notes going live the day before the update releases on September 12.

We’ll certainly have more general changes to mention in the full patch notes, but we’ve gotten enough questions we wanted to go ahead and confirm it now. Be sure to check out the Crafting Updates section below as there’s a new item you’ll need to unlock this.

  • You can now increase your Windwalk Stamina to 40,000.
We’re pretty excited to see The Shadowmoor arrive with this update, and the Merchant of Wonders is too.

  • All four encounters in Nightfall Sanctuary will be receiving a reduction in difficulty. We’ll have...
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