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Buddy Update

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  • Added: New ad in Ads page(rotated)
  • Added: Toggle for Battleground crash fix
  • Updated: Ping refresh is now 5s by default
  • Updated: Added a warning when switching animations toggle when game is running
  • Reworked: Dat Editor entirely reworked
  • Fixed Bug: Visual glitch of arrow in Dat Editor
  • Fixed Bug: MultipleInstallations would throw null on some systems
  • Fixed Bug: When addons did not contain [bit] log would throw wrong message
  • Fixed Bug: Could not paste in Verification Code box
  • Fixed Bug: When Password is wrong on login, play button would be locked
  • Fixed Bug: Missing Icon for Login Form
  • Fixed Bug: FileCheck Form would cause a crash
  • Fixed Bug: Wasn't able to submit login when pressing enter
  • Fixed Bug: Changed the ip for kr server ping(might not work for every countries)
  • Disabled: Memory cleaner while game is active until we find the cause of the memory leak
Not open for further replies.
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