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Buddy Update

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+ Added: Warden to Animation toggles
+ Added: Notifications for FTH
+ Added: Validations for xml search / replacement in addons (ex. If you forget a > it will reject the change so it doesn’t break the game)
+ Updated: NCoin logo to the NCoin symbol for Buy NCoin
+ Updated: Minimum ping interval to 1s and max to 5s
+ Reworked: Functionality of .dat (de)compressing to support extraction/insertion of specific file(s) without the need to open the entire archive
+ Reworked: Server communication for login as well as support for IP Verification
+ Removed: Annoying popups when Clearing FTH Entries
+ Fixed Bug: Login issue for NA/EU (supports both known values incase NcSoft reverts the change)
+ Fixed Bug: Few elements to show proper color on color change in Extras
+ Fixed Bug: Auto-scrolling for text log on the Launcher Page

Not open for further replies.
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