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Buddy Update

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A quick update for previous release.
Because of instability of some new features and a few bug fixes related to them as well. Without mentioning a few tweaks.
+ Added: Popup for missing MetroFramework.dll file
+ Added: Auto-resize for email in login form
+ Added: Single-Instance only check
+ Added: Disabled auto-login by default if MultiClient is turned on
+ Added: 5 Seconds delay between clicks for refresh of user count to prevent spam and hang
+ Reworked: Changed the forget button to an X
+ Reworked: Fetching on AppStart would hang form for a couple of seconds
+ Fixed Bug: Changing remember me on login form would not sync with settings tab
+ Fixed Bug: Changed ip for TW server due to inaccurate ping
+ Fixed Bug: Fetching while having a slow connection to end-point for user online count would freeze the form
+ Fixed Bug: Unsecurely Fetched the user online count
+ Fixed Bug: Having Selected Japanese server would switch back to NA/EU if it was installed
+ Fixed Bug: Tooltip for Custom Client Name would be wrong
+ Fixed Bug: When BnS Buddy would be offline, it would try to fetch the count and have an overlapping html code
+ Fixed Bug: Wanting to login would wipe constantly the registry of the credentials [needs testing]
+ Fixed Bug: After wiping credential would cause crash
Not open for further replies.
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