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Buddy Update

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New update of BnS Buddy has been pushed!~
Download at the top of the forum ;)
Here's the changelog:

+ Added: Timer to say if connection is being slow during login
+ Added: Custom exe name for Client
+ Added: User count online
+ Added: Color dropdown for BnS Buddy's design
+ Added: Portuguese support
+ Added: Sorting to Addons
+ Added: Sorting to Splashes
+ Added: Remember last used server
+ Added: Preview Button in Splash Changer
+ Added: Context Menu to BnS Buddy Notification Icon When Minimized
+ Reworked: Ping method for na/eu
+ Reworked: Mod manager now moves mods to subfolders for better organisation
+ Reworked: Multiple Game Installation Resetting
+ Reworked: Changing Server would load different installed paths
+ Reworked: Changed addons location
+ Reworked: Repositioned the Bitness selection for the game Client & Changed the Default Path configuration
+ Reworked: Bitness selection for addons is automatically selected along with the bitness selected of the current client
+ Fixed Bug: Matching prefix for emails before @ would create duplicate entries of the same name
+ Fixed Bug: Sometimes pressing tooltip on xml edit tab would not work
+ Fixed Bug: Did not allow login after maintenance is over on same session
+ Fixed Bug: Would not load korean paths
+ Fixed Bug: Custom mod path would not have backup path following
+ Fixed Bug: Creating random /mod folders on root drive
+ Fixed Bug: Restore button in settings didn't do anything
+ Fixed Bug: Maximize/Minimize button went batshit crazy and didn't follow his orders when resizing form
+ Fixed Bug: Remember Me did not toggle unless you signed in on login form
+ Fixed Bug: Emails starting with the same name will be overwritten on registry
+ Fixed Bug: Cleaning Mess when exiting, starting game and opening BnS Buddy would not clean
+ Fixed Bug: Removed the excessive flickering when BnS Buddy Refreshed the Mod Manager list
+ Fixed Bug: Fixed tooltips still appear after pressing compile/decompile
+ Fixed Bug: Disabled the compile/decompile when game is running which resulted in a permanent freeze
+ Fixed Bug: Pressing Compile button on dat editor when not decompiled would crash/freeze BnS Buddy
+ Fixed Bug: Applying a mod in mod manager while folder is empty and none other selected would freeze BnS Buddy
+ Fixed Bug: Splash Preview within BnS Buddy wasn't respecting image ratio
+ Fixed Bug: Buddy would not be killed if closed via taskbar
+ Fixed Bug: Status for clean or patched files would always stay patched if was previous true

Add []:
+ Local bin support and local64 from other data folder
+ Performance Boost
+ Memory limiter and more
+ Splash changer -> checks current md5 compared to all modded to see if it is modded or not and area of custom splashes to on root of bns buddy
+ Mod manager -> detect if the folder is present to determine if it's installed to the current game path (add color for "(installed) title")
Add []: Translations ??? OR ??? Mod Image Preview
Add []: Remotely fetch mods/addons/splash from server
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