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Starstone Mines | By Dreamslayer

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Relatively short, there is only one miniboss before the main boss.

The miniboss is trivial as well, and is a simple DPS check.

Kill the adds that the miniboss spawns, and defeat it; there are no detailed mechanics.

Final Boss: Frostga
HP: 184,846,000

Phases: 90%, 75%, 50%, 30%, 10%


Flame Buffers (Preferably Ranged: 1 or 3 players needed)

Markers (Preferably Melee: 2 for Normal, 3 for Hard Mode)

Hellion Earrings(Legendary)

Raven Feathers, Blackstones, Void Fragments

Starstone Gloves(Heroic)

This ice-elemental boss will perform several attacks which inflict the Freeze debuff. If you have Freeze, you must use an escape skill (ss/q/e) or clear it with a debuff removal skill. If you are hit with Freeze again while you already have it, it will change into Frost, which will immobilize you for 15 seconds and instant kill you if it expires. This can only be removed by a Flame Buffer, which will be explained under mechanics.

Normal Rotation:

Double Pound, AoE Slam → Uppercut (Unblockable, Launch) → Spike (Unblockable, KDs) → Double Swipe → Freezing Breath or Strong Swipe (KB) → Kick (KBs) → Double Swipe

Notable attacks:

Freezing Breath (Linear AoE, unblockable, inflicts Freeze/Frost)

The boss will occasionally target the farthest or nearest person with this attack.


Frost Wave(room wide, unblockable, inflicts Freeze/Frost)


The boss charges frost energy, then leaps into the air and targets the farthest person. The boss inflicts damage upon landing and emits a room-wide Frost wave that must be jumped over. The jump will be repeated three times without additional charging. If you have the Flame buff and are hit by this wave, it will be removed..

Permafrost(Room wide, unblockable, inflicts Freeze; must iframe, not sheathe)


This attack is performed after the sixth Frost Wave during mechanic phases and must be iframed.

Mechanic Phases:

There are seven adds scattered around the outside of the arena. The phases start with the boss awakening a particular add, or a set of adds for the final phase.



Phase Rotation:

Freezing Breath(at farthest)→ Frost Wave → Freezing Breath(at farthest) → Frost Wave → Permafrost → Absorption

All of these phases are similar. During the start of the phase, the appropriate add will come to life and begin attacking. One of the Flame Buffers needs to be the one to last-hit the add. Whoever last hits the add will receive a Flame buff. During this time, the two Markers will position themselves on opposite sides of the boss.

After several more attacks from his normal rotation, the boss will choose two targets; these are the two closest players and should be the Markers. They will be connected by a beam of ice energy, which will constantly inflict and refresh a 5 second Freeze debuff on them. If the markers get far enough apart, around 10m, then the link will snap and inflict Frost on both markers. The Markers need to make this happen as fast as possible. One marker should SS away from the center to do this.


The Flame Buffer who has the Flame buff must then touch one of the frozen Markers. This will defrost them and transfer the Flame buff to them. The first marker then unfreezes the second Marker. After transferring the Flame buff, you receive the Burnout debuff, which prevents you from re-acquiring Flame for 20 seconds.


At the end of the phase, the boss will absorb all Freeze/Frost/Flame stacks. If he absorbs at least 1 flame buff, he will receive the Internal Flame debuff. This debuff ticks for 20 seconds, then inflicts 10% of the boss’s maximum HP upon expiration. For every Freeze or Frost debuff absorbed, including those from dead players, the boss will heal 3%. Skipping the final phase is possible if he reaches 10% before Internal Flame expires.
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