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Open Simple Mode Help


Bamboo Warrior
hey guys I want to make my own rotation to my blade dancer , however i dont know each line to delete and what to be modify , I compare some patch files to orginal xml

for example the patch i saw on bnsbuddy was made by some guy i dont remember that how its look :

FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_assassin.xml
Search = <result context-3="14308
Replace = <result context-2="143210
Search = <result context-3="14309
Replace = <result context-2="143120
Description = BD Thundering Blade Rotation
and some others with other lines ;

Lightning Draw -> Flaming Scourge , Storm Cleave , Lightning Flash

I don't want peoples will do my work , I just want to understand what value I need to change , please help me


Staff member

How do I add/edit/remove skills? (And for simple mode?)

Please, read https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/remove-skills-from-simple-mode.551/
If you want to edit normal mode, just find the file that does not end with _contextsimplemode.xml
I am the author of that post.


Bamboo Warrior
I think your wrong you know , because once I did edit that file _contextsimplemode.xml no result was done in the simple mode the max I reach is to the simple mode to be gone from the interface , however i see someone doing a destroyer simple mode patch using skill3_contextscriptdata_destroyer.xml , i see lot of members help him , and he event combine all the 3 spec in simple mode so no way is this doc "_contextsimplemode.xml"
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