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Request Addon Simple Mode Configuration?


Hello, I'm reading
and trying to reverse engineer

It's been a couple hours and I thought I'd ask for some help.
I'm trying to make a good rotation simple mode for all my classes based on priority.
I think if I could get some help with this I might be able to reverse engineer it and apply it to the other classes as well.

This is what I'm trying to do:
Serpent Assassin
Decoy Stance
Choke Bomb Highest priority if it's off cooldown it is used
Venom Slash Next highest priority if it's off cooldown it is used
Toxic Splash Next high pri
Twin Fang Next high pri if it can be used and off cooldown it will be selected
Dark Strike Next high pri
Heart Stab Last priority

So holding RMB would do this combo:
Choke > Venom > Choke > Toxic > since we're in Toxic: Twin Fang / Heart Stab IF WE ARE NOT IN DEATHBLOW finally default combo of Dark / Heart once Toxic ends.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to change skills and how to setup correct priority system.
I'll keep working at it, but I hope I could get some help, thank you.
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