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Addon Adding V to SF simple mode

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by 16 inches of Chi, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Adds Kingstrike and Kingfist (and the frost equivalent) into SFs simple mode. It has higher priority than Awakened Dragonfury so it should always be cast when it's avalible.

    Bear in mind I'm an earth SF and I haven't tried a whole lot with Frost but it seems to work just fine. Also I've heard somewhere a long time ago that you're not supposed to cast Frost Storm during SB for ice SF so this might be a DPS loss if that's the case.

    Anyways just throw this into a notepad and change the ending to .patch afterwards and throw it into the addon folder. Or check the attached file.

    FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_soulfighter_contextsimplemode.xml
    Search = <result context-2="35160" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="bns" />
    Replace = <result context-2="35160" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="bns" /> </decision> </layer> <layer> <decision> <condition skill="30405" /> <result context-2="30405" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="classic" /> <result context-2="30405" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="bns" /> </decision> </layer> <layer> <decision> <condition skill="30112" /> <result context-2="30112" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="classic" /> <result context-2="30112" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="bns" /> </decision> <decision> <condition skill="30111" /> <result context-2="30111" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="classic" /> <result context-2="30111" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="bns" /> </decision> <decision> <condition skill="30110" /> <result context-2="30110" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="classic" /> <result context-2="30110" context-ui-effect="event" control-mode="bns" />
    Description = Puts V in SF simple mode above Awaken Dragonfury.
    Just note that I left the last layer and decision open because we add some near the start. 30110 is Kingfist/ice storm and 30405 is King strike/Ice Helix if you're curious.

    If you have any questions or if it's busted and I need to change it somehow poke me in the BnSbuddy discord, my username is 16 inches of Chi#5856. I'm far from active on this site.

    Attached Files:

  2. Phillip

    Phillip Cricket Member

    It works really well for me and it´s a big help especially in longer Raid´s!
    One question, would it be possible to add Displace to the range mode?
    Would be awsome

    Thank You in Advance ~
  3. Laughin

    Laughin Cricket Member

    it works! awesome man!
  4. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Doesn't sound too hard if it works the way I think it does, maybe I'll get around to it someday in the near future. I'm rather lazy you see so don't keep your hope up for anything soon, ish.
  5. wella7s

    wella7s Cricket Member

    Hello first of all nice job work really fine with earth sf one question would it be possible to remove the left click from simple mode ?^^
  6. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Probably but why would you? It's only ever used if you're out of focus so you might as well have it.
  7. DrSonic

    DrSonic Cricket Member

    work really nice with 300ms tytyty i love u soo much
  8. Dweedoo

    Dweedoo Cricket Member

    Thanks dude this is fantastic. I switched to earth but for Ice SF peeps out there it even ani-cancel Frost Storm which is amazing !

    Question: I keep reading that simple mode for earth SF is no good. Do you think i should deactivate any of the skills in there? Or do they say that because of the ani cancel ? Or are they just nay sayers ?

    Thanks again.
  9. Skyrus

    Skyrus Cricket Member

    how can i find the skill number linked to a skill in xml?I would like to mess with some other classes.
  10. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Probably because you can't ani cancel as quickly as you can manually, I don't really mind though personally.

    https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/remove-skills-from-simple-mode.551/ Cupid did a lovely guide that taught me how to do it.

    Sorry for the late reply, both of you.
  11. Ysvessalius

    Ysvessalius Cricket Member

    Hi Cricket!!!! I find your work pretty amusing, Yesterday I watched this guy playing SF ICE, I dont think he is using macros, but he still able to cast 4 Frost Storm in 1 Z rotation constantly , when normally you can only cast 3 max and ended up with 3 or 4 chi stacks ( 1-2 lefts to be able to cast another 4th Frost Storm )

    If you look the V icon whe the skill was casted closely, the V border doesn't even shine! ( shining means indicating that you are "pressing the skill")
    which is imposible if you use hand , and I'm not sure If macro can work like that too , I tried macros but the V skill 's border still "shine" multiple time before it can hit =.=! and it interrupted the rmb alot,causing chi stacks slower than normal....turn out the outcome even worse than playing by hand normally.
    SO my guess is he is messing with the simple mode? so that it cast V immediately when the skill are availlable ( the combo 3 and V also ) , but how come he even take out the F (iron shoulder ) during simple mode and press it manually...you can see that during the sb phases after too ?
    this is crazy because 4 Vs compare to 3 Vs is a huge dps gap, since with same gear, others sf deal around 350k on Moyun , he was able to do 425k Moyun...
    Or maybe It's just because of the ping, he has 7-8x when Im 9x ping and my mouse is crappy :D

    Updating: I tried your method, The V is now automatically casted,which is soo great!!, but in the other hand, V skill icon also appear and replace rmb icon when it's ready to proceed,and there is a little delay, so in overall Im getting 3 Vs and 3 chi stacks( 4 chis in the end if you combo with 1 X for 1 additional chi stack) in 1 Z rotation~~ Dunno how to make to the 4th V :D
    --- Merged ---
    Update 2: Another clip that V does casted instantly without the shining border and also very smooth rmb, he can totally do 4Vs ( he has 3 Vs + 4 chi stacks without using X for another last chi stack )
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  12. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Ice SF is pretty ping dependant from what I know, could be because of that. His ping is lower than mine atleast.

    You mean the shining that always shows up on your F skills? That's just there to indicate that it's a combo skill that covers the normal skill that's there. If you look at his Ice helix, the empowered V you'll see it shine but the regular V doesn't. Unless you mean the little gray stuff inside the edge of the skill icon when you cast something.

    I don't think he's using simple mode, his V in ranged stance doesn't show up when he's targeting the boss in the first video. But putting Iron shoulder on F in simple mode is.... Simple.

    Get better ping! :^)

    Again, if it is what I think you're talking about it's the combo skill. If you mean the little boop on the skill when you cast it then IDK man, but shining is a terrible word for it if that's what you mean :p . Anyways.

    Neither of them are using simple mode from what I can see, They're probably just using a macro that presses RMB, F and V a lot combined with good ping. This goes around the little delay simple mode makes I think. Atleast that's my best guess.

    Ysvessalius likes this.
  13. Ysvessalius

    Ysvessalius Cricket Member

    Ahh haha I see that my "shining" definition confused you, let me make it clearer for everybody...
    here is the 1rst image from the first clip
    check out the V icon skill in both 2 clips you can see the is no blue border around the V skill icon indicated it was pressed by hand or macro in the entire clip, when normally it always should be, just like in this 2nd image:
    in this 2nd image there is a blue border when I press the V skill when it ready.
    So I switched to macro and the result is the same as the 2nd image, it's still have the blue border bopping up 2 times (but really fast, because of pressing V two times in this macro code that I used to test tt{WAITMS(30)}ff{WAITMS(30)}vv )
    So that's what I felt strange about.Even with very good ping happens ( 7x ) combined with Macro I just could'n get rid of that blue border when proc skill, not even once.
    Note that the moment when the blue border of V appear with will interrupt Rmb justttttt a little bit (but enough to make different).While in both vids above it's just not even show up...thus meaning V casted "immediately" >>> no interupted with Rmb >> very smooth chi stacking up >>4Vs.

    Thanks a lot Critket to hear me out hie hie :D! I'm just recently play BnS with SF
    Also I would glad to know if someone here be able to do 4Vs lol cuz it's bugging a lot :D since I came across those clips -,-"
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  14. big

    big Cricket Member

    it very works
    One question,
    Can u remove combo in simple mode ?
    thank Cricket
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  15. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Not sure what you want, please elaborate.

    V won't show up under the simple mode interface if you press K even if you add it.
    As for combos can you give an example? Simple mode works in a priority system from what I understand, so if I can't cast iron shoulder or breaking claw it casts cobalt punch for example. The priority for that would be Iron shoulder > Breaking Claw > Cobalt punch if that makes sense.
  16. Vzium

    Vzium Cricket Member

    Hello, by any chance do you know how to make conditions for skills in simple mode? like, how to use skill when HP < 70% or focus < 30%, on hit, on cast, etc
    It is used in default simple mode of warlock for example (mantra when focus < 20%), but couldnt find it in code :(
  17. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    I do not. I haven't looked at the code for warlock but I don't think that kind of stuff is in the xml. Stuff like on hit and on crit work by having them at a higher priority than the skill that triggers them.
    Vzium likes this.
  18. conandoyle01

    conandoyle01 Cricket Member

    You work is amazing but i saw that the add-on doesn't make full ani cancel for Breaking Claw so i adjust it a bit but didn't test both yet in F12
    --- Merged ---
    it's doable but with AHK

    Attached Files:

  19. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    You've put in two breaking claws right after eachother :p
    I wasn't aware you could cancel V with breaking claw or something like that, and it's on F because you can't really fit it into RMB? Maybe if we reversed the order for V but that's just gonna break it I think.

    You don't get access to breaking claw after you V right?!

    Teach plz, as far as I know AHK just presses buttons in order.
  20. conandoyle01

    conandoyle01 Cricket Member

    the thing is about breaking claw in your add-on is it does 0 ani cancel that's why i want to remove it out

    about this one there is 2 different methods for doing it Image processing and Pixel storer

    i was doing it with pixel Storer but it's not universal solution cuz u store a certain pixel at th AHK order to search for and when it met that color the script will give a priority for it no matter what
    like this that's a plep example for fast script i was making for a desto friend to detect the F and fire it asap