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Addon Request: FM, add Dual Dragons to SoulBurn in Simplemode

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by m1s, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. m1s

    m1s Cricket Member

    can someone do that please , cuz i tried and nothing happen :bnscry:

    class="skill-icon" alt="Dual Dragons" data-skill-id="22205" data-variation-index="11">

    class="skill-icon" alt="Awakened Dragonchar" data-skill-id="22307" data-variation-index="11">
  2. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

  3. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    I don't play FM but isn't it a DPSloss to use dual dragons during SB?

    Ctrl F in the Fm simple mode in the xml64.dat, find the block that says 22205 and copy paste it above awaken dragonchars ID, which is probably 22305 to 22307 or some shit.

    Bam now you'll use Dual dragon during SB and basicly always when it's avalible.
  4. Erhan

    Erhan Cricket Member

    and dragonblaze :D
    "Dragonblaze" data-skill-id="22203"
    "Dual Dragons" data-skill-id="22205"
    "Awakened Dragonchar" data-skill-id="22307"
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  5. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    Dragonchar reduces cd of dual dragon which procs bracelet that buffs dragonchar/blazing beam (so you want to use it even in sb)

    Also i tried to fix this for a friend but for some reason just moving it higher in prior didnt do anything at worst it was doing some stupid stuff like totally breaking the simple mod for fm and such...
  6. m1s

    m1s Cricket Member

    yeah i read it before :bnsthumbsup:

    but i dont know how to add skills :bnsshy:
    --- Merged ---
    dosent work :bnscry:
  7. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Ah I see, good to know.

    Also fuck!

    If we can trust Exora on this it'll never work so you can change dual dragons to F if you wanna cast it manually during SB, just change the context-2 to context-3 on 22205.
    It's probably the best solution until we figure something els out. You could put it on LMB too but I find it less noticable, LMB is context-1 for reference.
  8. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member

    Tried this as well but in simple mode Dual dragon just follows some other rules related to when to appear on designed key @_@ its stupid so i gave up on fixing this :bnssleep:
    But maybe i was just unlucky , try it yourself and gl~
  9. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    I'm a lazy shitler so probably won't mess around with it, thanks for the headsup though.
  10. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    Good luck!

    Adding skills is such a pain.
    But the info there should get you started.

    Remember to add it to the skill bar and add the conditions.
  11. Kay998

    Kay998 Cricket Member

    Is it possible to add a condition like, if the enemy is poisoned only do r>f on sin?
  12. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Don't think so, atleast not with simple mode.
  13. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    The skills displayed are just a bunch of skill ids that are checked if you can use the skill right now or not, following a predetermined list.

    If the skill is only available when an enemy is poisoned, yes, it is possible.
    Otherwise, with my current knowledge, no.
  14. Kay998

    Kay998 Cricket Member

    Then how about using an skill when you have a certain buff like a badge buff? seems like its not possible to do something like a dowhile or if, in a 100% custom way, thats a shame i was willing to learn how to do it, to have a workable rotation in some classes.
  15. 16 inches of Chi

    16 inches of Chi Bamboo Warrior Member

    Maybe you can work something out with this, it was a reply on my thread about autousing Mantra(?) on warlock when you run low on focus.

  16. Fideles

    Fideles Cricket Member

    For main request u can just move dual dragons to LMB. I do this to normal mode. I move Dragonblaze and dual dragons tom LMB. Take this file example (normal mode ). Try this file FM DualDragons LMB SimpleMode. Awakened Dragonchar always have priority above dualdragons because this since ever they dont share same key input, on simple mode all skills (combo) share same input on RMB, so skills with high priority will show first until its off or waiting refresh cooldown.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  17. Mosesyr

    Mosesyr Cricket Member

    Hi i tried ur Dualdragon on simple mode but nothing changes :/
  18. Fideles

    Fideles Cricket Member

    its because dual dragons will be show on LMB (left mouse button) not in RMB, when in SB if u have fire and ice orbits Awakened dragonchar will show in RMB and Sualdragons on LMB. I'm using this FM DualDragons LMB SimpleMode.patch and its fine
  19. SummerMascot

    SummerMascot Cricket Member

    Did you remove Cold-Snap from the simple mode for the 2 files attached above?

    Just went through your files:
    None of them contained the below code, so it shouldn't be yours that caused the problem:
    Search = <condition skill="22106" variation-id="21"/>
    Replace = <!-- <condition skill="22106" variation-id="21"/> -->
    Search = <result context-2="22106" control-mode="classic" />
    Replace = <!-- <result context-2="22106" control-mode="classic" /> -->
    Search = <result context-2="22106" control-mode="bns" />
    Replace = <!-- <result context-2="22106" control-mode="bns" /> -->
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  20. Striking Shadow

    Striking Shadow Cricket Member

    Can you give this addon only with Dragonblaze on LMB and no Dual Dragons? or just tell me which lines to remove and I can do it myself XD(normal mode ofc)