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Solved Please select the BnS folder name in your Blade and soul installation!

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Hi guys!

So i just downloaded BnsBuddy to use a Mod to cancel BM 3rd Spec V animation and some other addons i wanted to use. Everything is working quite well, but everytime i start BnsBuddy i get the message "Please select the BnS folder name in your Balde and soul installation". I use the BnS folder in the NCSOFT folder. Bnsbuddy then starts all normal but my addons and Mods are not saved. Weird enough the settings are saved. Anything i can do about that since thats quite annoying?

PS: is it normal that my loading screens are longer than what they usually are?

Thanks in Advance!


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addons are applied

not saved

Edit: If you're using texture streaming, loading screens will be slightly longer.
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