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Tool New Outfit Swapping Tool


So i recently stumbled upon Chibi Modding. He got a outfit swapper which it's updated regularly. I asked for the installation and this is what he gave me. If anyone knows how to do it please feel free to share the installation (I haven't tried myself yet)

The above tool is only for Vietnam server. But you can create a fake folder of the VN server by downloading the following file and extracting it :

Virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file...14f3418b0dba6f302067941b524f0785026/detection (Updated by Endless, use at your own risk)

-The next : you copy file "CookedPC" from game Folder NA and paste in to fake folder with Link : " D:\BNS\32834\service\contents\bns\CookedPC"
-Then run our Tool and setting link to fake folder " Contents"
- Choose mod for you as shown below. until the mod announcement is successful.
-Finally, go to the "Mod" folder and copy the UPK files to switch to the folder of the BNS-NA game : "D:\BNS\32834\service\contents\Local\GARENA\VIETNAMESE\CookedPC\Mod"
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