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Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat


Hello there community, currently I'm playing on an unofficial BnS server which is pretty similar to the old PlayBNS (45lvl cap etc) and trying to edit XML but find wanting. Tried bns dat tool and editor, tried various compression methods there (including PlayBNS etc.), nothing did work for me due to application threw an error saying "unknown compression method"
Can anyone help me find the way to edit this xml? (Attached or link here) located in \contents\Local\TENCENT\CHINESES\data if it could help
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I tried old bns dat tool and got this, the output folder is empty tho, pls help I'm noob :<

.\bnsdat.exe -x xml.dat
Operation Mode: Extract Files (Plain)


Reading File Entries...
Extracting Files: 1419/1419


  • xml.zip
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yes sir, I tried all possible combinations (with/without XOR, diff keys etc.) the result is "Status: Could not load list!"
if some1 can help me out I wish to reward them with some $

p.s. result image
was the dat file previously modded/tampered with?
Tools can't seem to read compression of the dat.
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