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Naryu Sanctum | By Unknown

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Party Requirements: Tank, 4x stun, 4x knockdown

Recommended gear: Stage 6+ Baleful/Seraph Weapon, Oath Necklace, Pinnacle Ring/Earring/Belt/Bracelet

(roughly 20k dps per person for easy mode, 30k dps per person for hard mode while avoiding attacks and doing mechanics.

Table of Contents:


Granite Titan

Giant Naryu Augerite




You will start on a pathway that leads to a room with statues and a sentinel in the center. When someone jumps down, the sentinel will awaken and wake up all the statues before vanishing, which will aggro on the person who woke up the sentinel. Stand near an archer statue to pull all the melee statues to one spot, and aoe them down before finishing off the archers.

Killing all the statues opens the door to the next room. There will be 2 archer statues, jump and glide over them to avoid aggroing them. There will be another room with 4 statues, kill those statues to open the door to the first boss.

Granite Titan

Normal HP: 73,920,000
Hard HP: 134,400,000

Enrage: 7:30

CC: 4x

Granite Titan will be standing in the center of the room, and will be untargetable until someone moves closes enough to aggro him (8m).

Granite Titan’s attack pattern changes after every special attack rotation.


  1. 3x Straight Punch, blockable, dazes on each hit

  2. Frontal 180 degree jump shoulder, unblockable, knocks back.

  3. AoE Slam, unblockable, launches.

  4. 3x straight

  5. 5-hit Spin, blockable and CC’able, knocks back on the last hit


  1. 3x Straight Punch

  2. Iron Shoulder, unblockable, knocks back. Most dangerous attack due to its instantaneous speed, use the wall the cushion the knockback if needed.

  3. AoE Slam

  4. 3x Straight Punch

  5. 5-hit Spin


  1. 3x Straight Punch

  2. Iron Shoulder

  3. AoE Slam

  4. 3x Straight Punch

  5. Iron Shoulder

  6. 5-hit Spin


  1. 3x Straight Punch

  2. Iron Shoulder

  3. AoE Slam

  4. Iron Shoulder

  5. 5-hit Spin

Fiery Punches:

After his first set of normal punches, he will throw large linear AoE unblockable hammers at the tank, the number of which depends on which phase he’s in (1x hammer for 100-90%, 2x hammers for 90-60%, 3x hammers under 60%).

A a message warns “Granite Titan uses Fiery Punch” and he will target the closest person to him, and punch the 3 closest people to him. This punch deals damage, dazes and applies a Reverse Spirit debuff stack that reduces recovery and lasts for 60 seconds. The damage and daze can be blocked/iframed, but the debuff stack cannot.

After he does 3 punches, a message warns “Granite Titan uses Unleashed Fiery Punch”, and he will target the farthest person, travel to them and punch the 5 closest people including the target after travelling to them. If an individual receives all five hits of Unleashed Fiery Punch, Granite Titan enrages and wipes the party.

5 stacks of the Reverse debuff will kill you, but everyone must have at least 1 stack for the explosion. If these stacks expire to time, you will also die.

He will proceed to do his normal rotation, but will repeat the Fiery Punches periodically until he reaches his special attack rotation. If you take too long, people will get 5 stacks of the debuff and die.

Special Attack Phase 90%/60%/30%:

When Granite Titan reaches one of his thresholds, he will teleport to the middle of the room, launching and damaging anyone who happens to be there. He will spawn soldiers at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions, each with 2x CC. Granite Titan will then grab one of them, drain the energy from it and throw it away from him, gaining an invulnerable shield in the process, and the other three soldiers will aggro onto the tank. He will throw 5 hammers at the farthest person before blowing up the statue he threw. In order for his invulnerability to be removed, you must use the rest of the soldiers to create a chain reaction explosion to blow him up.


When he throws the soldier, you will see a red circle around that soldier. When you bring the other stone soldiers down to 50% of their HP, they will kneel down, stop attacking and moving, become invulnerable and gain a red circle of their own. When he blows up the soldier he threw, it will also blow up any other soldiers in the red circle, which will blow up any soldiers in that red circle, which can blow up Granite Titan.


You want one person to aggro/grab a soldier and have tank to draw the other two soldiers, and move those two groups of soldiers in a way that the explosion circles can chain to the boss, while the farthest person moves left and right opposite from the thrown soldier to keep the hammers away from the soldiers and the rest of the party.

If done correctly, he will blow up the farthest soldier, and the explosion will chain between soldiers until it hits Granite Titan. The explosion will remove his invulnerability, deal 10% of his maximum HP, and daze him for a couple seconds (he can be grabbed/grappled during this, and it is recommended to do so), as well as giving everyone the Refreshed Spirit buff that grants 500 Attack Power for 30 seconds. Once the CC is over, he will do an AoE slam around him that will damage and aerial, followed by a field-wide AoE explosion that should be iframed to prevent damage, finishing his special attack rotation. If you failed to blow him up properly, the explosion will wipe the party. If you succeed in blowing him up, but did not get Reverse Spirit from the Fiery Punches from not getting hit or doing too much DPS to skip said punches, you will die.

Note: At 30% he will summon 2 fake stone solders between the real soldiers in a random direction. These soldiers look the same as the other soldiers, but move slightly earlier than the real ones, do not explode, and spawn at diagonal positions. Either group them with the rest, or have the person luring the hammers aggro the two fake soldiers.

Normal Mode Differences:

  • Granite Titan does special phase at 70% and 30%, and will only do Fiery Punches with one hammer throw on the start of these phases.

  • Granite Titan’s basic rotation does not change and will not have the instant iron shoulder attack.

  • Reverse Spirit debuff is not required to survive the special phase explosion, and is removed regardless of iframing the attack or not.

  • Granite Titan does not enrage if an individual gets hit by all 5 hits of Unleashed Fiery Punch.

  • Failing to blow up Granite Titan’s shield simply makes the special phase explosion do damage instead of wiping, and his shield will prematurely expire after.

Giant Naryu Augerite


Normal HP: 15,950,000

Hard HP: 29,000,000

Enrage: None

CC: 4x

This miniboss has a basic Augerite attack pattern, but until 50% HP, periodically a message warns “Giant Naryu Augerite is creating waves of power ripples”, and it will jump in the air and when it lands, a circular wave will come out from it damaging and knocking back everyone who does not jump over it or iframe it. After 50% HP, the power ripple will become a series of 5 waves, the fifth of which is slightly delayed.

At 50%/30%/10% a message warns “The Giant Naryu Augerite absorbs its underlings”. A number of small augerites (1 at 50%, 2 at 30%, 4 at 10%) will appear around it in random locations, and if not quickly 2x CC’d, will heal the giant augerite by 10% of its health per add. As the miniboss doesn’t have an enrage, failing to CC here just makes the fight longer.

Once the miniboss is dead, the path to the second boss will open up. Look for the glowing footsteps on the pillar in the path, and run up the pillar until you reach the ledge. If you’re stuck in combat, you can walk up the tree going around the room.


Normal HP: 95,755,000

Hard HP: 174,100,000

Enrage: 7:00

CC: 4x

While this boss’s HP and enrage time might seem daunting, it is actually the easiest boss, as it deals an enormous amount of damage to itself with mechanics. You will likely see very little of its basic attack pattern, as it should just chain its special attack pattern constantly.

Basic Attack Pattern:

  1. Two forward swipes + one back swipe, all blockable, the back swipe knocks down

  2. Forward lightning breath, unblockable, stuns

  3. AoE explosion, unblockable, stuns, CCable

All of Agoni’s attacks inflict the stackable Lightning Dragon debuff which reduces movement speed, lasts for 60 seconds.


After some time, Agoni will do a different pattern:

  1. AoE slam, unblockable, knocks back.

  2. Shoots 3 lightning AoE puddles at the 3 farthest people.

  3. Field-wide AoE lightning explosion, detonates Lightning Dragon stacks for massive damage, unblockable.

Special Attack Pattern 96%/66%/36%

When Agoni reaches these thresholds, he will jump to the center of the arena, knocking back everyone he lands on. Twelve lightning rods will spawn around the arena, and one person should stand slightly behind and to the right of one of the rods.


Agoni will fire two scattered laser beams at the farthest person, iframe these if possible.

He will then fire a lightning beam at the farthest person, which will bounce to the closest lightning rod to the marker and then to 3 more adjacent lightning rods, followed up by him doing a small jump (knocking down people around him) and jumping on top of the farthest person. He will do this a total of 3 times, and on the third time instead of jumping to the farthest person, he will charge at the tank, who should block the charge.

When the lightning rods get electrocuted, they can be picked up and thrown at Agoni. Throwing them deals 3 million damage and applies a 20 second Goldtalon stack to Agoni. Blocking the charge at the end will cause all of the electrocution stacks to detonate, which does about 0.5% of his max HP per stack, cleanses Lightning Dragon stacks, heals everyone around him, and he will be knocked down for a couple seconds (can be grabbed). After recovering he will do a roomwide AoE which should be iframed, and his special attack rotation will be finished.

Note: On the 36% rotation during the second set of lightning rods, the second scattered lightning will be replaced by a room wide AoE attack, this should be iframed.

Normal Mode Differences:

  • Agoni will do his special attack rotation only twice at 70% and 30%, but if he cuts down below 30% before starting his second mechanic he will stop doing mechanics altogether. This actually makes this boss arguably harder than his Hard Mode version, since you will have to deal with his basic attack rotation significantly more, and he does less damage to himself. If you can push him down to 70% with 3 minutes left on enrage, you should be able to handle him.

Naryu Guardian Archer
Normal HP: 7,755,000

Hard HP: 14,100,000

Enrage: None

CC: 4x

Before the final boss there is a room with one archer statue in the center, and six other statues on the walls. Burst it down as fast as possible, as the other statues will wake up and aggro onto the tank. The archer will fire unblockable linear AoEs that knockback and time bombs that knockup and damage people. You should either have another person aggro and tank the statues (hit them as they wake up), or burst down the main statue extremely quickly.


Normal HP: 63,415,000

Hard HP: 115,300,000

Enrage: 10:00

CC: 4x

Xanos has the lowest HP of all of the bosses, but no self damaging mechanics, and a complicated marking mechanic.

Basic Attack Pattern:

  1. 180 degree frontal Double Arm Swipe, blockable, dazes on both hits, applies Darkness

  2. Criss-Cross Slams: Creates a pair of dark lines to his sides as well as front and back, in a random order, applies Darkness

  3. Light Circles: Creates a circle of light hitting 0-8m, then 8-14m, then 0-8m again, each circle will knock up.

  4. Laser Beam: Shoots a light laser beam in front and behind him.

  5. Teleport: After 90% phase, teleports behind the tank

  6. Frontal Slam: Does a frontal slam in a rectangle, applying knockdown and Darkness. Can be CC’d, and should be cc’d with specific forms (will be explained below). After the first marking phase, he will teleport behind the tank before doing the slam.

After two full rotations, a message will appear saying “Xanos has marked a target for sacrifice”, and he will teleport to the farthest target, knocking back anyone at the location. This target will have an invisible marker that rapidly generates Darkness stacks to themselves and nearby players. He will follow up the teleport with two attacks:

  1. Dark Pits: Spawns 6 dark pits around him after a delay, then far from him. These daze and apply a darkness stack, everyone should group up next to the boss and use a party or personal iframe for the close dark pits.

  2. Projectile spin: Xanos spins and fire 6 projectiles at the party, in order of who hit him, looping back to the start if there are less than 6 people. These can be blocked or projectile resisted.


All of Xanos’s hand or dark-based attacks will apply the Darkness debuff.


Each stack does a small amount of damage over time and lasts 30 seconds, and at 25 stacks you will receive the Darkness Prison debuff be immobilized for 10 seconds, any attack during the immobilize will instantly kill you. Knocking Xanos down will cause him to do a getup attack where he creates a giant flash of light, granting everyone a 5 second Blessing of Light buff that cleanses and immunizes Darkness. Face away from him after the knockdown, or his getup attack will blind, deafen, stun, and do a significant amount of damage. Do not grab, aerial, or use Blade Master’s Soaring Falcon Move 2 or Assasin’s Webbing or he will not use his getup attack. Do not iframe or you will not get your stacks cleansed. You need to knock him down after he starts stacking darkness whenever he is CC’able (during his rectangle slam attack) in order to prevent the party from accumulating 25 stacks and dying.

Marking Phase: 75%/50%/25%/<25%:

At these HP thresholds, Xanos will start his special attack rotation. He will teleport to the center of the room and knock back anyone near him. The center of the room around Xanos (10 meter radius circle) will be lit up, and the rest of the room will be in darkness, if you stand in the dark area you will instantly receive Darkness Prison. The previous marker from the normal phase is discarded and replaced by a new invisible marker, which is either the tank, the closest person, or the farthest person chosen at random, who will be briefly gazed upon by the four Eyes of Xanos around the room, and everyone within 8 meters of them will constantly get stacks of the Darkness debuff. This marker is important to mechanics; if they die during the phase, Xanos enrages and wipes the party.

After 75%, some of the eyes will face the marker for 0.5s, and then switch to face a random person. For 75/50/25/<25 there are 0/1/2/2 fake eyes, so keep watch on them immediately. There are two methods used for determining who the marker is.

Buff Inspection Method

This is the most common method in Korea. Each person other than the tank is assigned a colored pillar, and the tank stays right in the center. At the start of the special attack phase, everyone moves to their assigned pillar and watches their darkness debuff. If everyone is standing in the correct place, the only person who will be gaining darkness stacks is the marker, everyone else will not have their darkness stacks increase at all.


Pair Method

This is the most common method in China, Taiwan, North America, and Europe, as the markers are potentially two people. This method is more difficult for the person who is doing the far role, but is arguably easier for everyone else.

At the start, one person will be designated as the farthest person. This should be someone with a personal long duration iframe, such as Warlock’s Bastion, Force Master’s Frost Armor, Summoner True Friend, or Soul Fighter’s Self-Defense Chi, as they will need to stand out in the dark zone and the iframe will prevent them from getting bound. This isn’t necessary, as the farthest person can simply just stand at the edge of the light zone.

When Xanos moves to the middle, the tank stays melee distance of Xanos, the designated farthest person will move away, and everyone else stands in between these two people. All this must be done before Xanos creates the light/dark zones. The markers quickly look at the eyes before they switch to determine whether the farthest person or the tank got marked.

Below is a playlist by Freedomplays showing examples from the far person’s perspective.


After Marker

A few seconds after creating the light/dark zones, Xanos will stop spinning for a moment and cause a large light explosion that should be protected with a party iframe, this will not blind but will do a significant amount of damage. Do not use Blade Master’s Winged Protector for this. After the explosion the disc on his back will circle around him and dark pits will appear in lines around him, and he will heal 2% of his health every time the wheel circles around him. He should be knocked down to remove all Darkness stacks and force him to move on to the next phase, remember to turn around for the getup attack and do not iframe the attack. If you don’t do anything within 10 seconds, or stun, daze, or cancel the knockdown with a grab, aerial, Blade Master’s Soaring Falcon Move 2, or Assassin’s Webbing, Xanos enrages and wipes the party.

After the knockdown, a light circle and a dark circle will appear at the edge of the room at the 2:00 and 4:00 positions, where the arrows on the ground are pointing.


Everyone but the marker should go to the light circle, and once everyone is in the light circle, the marker should enter the dark circle. If the wrong person enters the dark circle, the marker enters the light circle, or the marker doesn’t enter the dark circle after 5 seconds, the party will wipe.

After the marker enters the dark circle, the entire field will be encompassed in darkness and apply Darkness Prison. People in the light circle will gain Blessing of Light, the marker gains Darkness Sacrifice for 10 seconds which makes them immune to Darkness Prison, and Xanos will force lift the marker and try to drain them, then wipe the party if it completes after 5 seconds. He should be 4x stunned to prevent the drain, and may be grabbed or grappled. Once the CC is over, he will do 5 rapid AoE light bursts which do a lot of damage, and third hit will knockback. Force Master’s/Destroyer’s Frost Sheath/Iron Plating should be used for this, but personal iframes work as well, and Xanos’s special attack rotation is finished.

After the 25% special attack rotation finishes, he will immediately jump to the furthest person and do his dark pits - projectile spin attack, one full normal rotation, and then go right into a special attack rotation. He will repeat this for the remainder of the fight.

Normal Mode Differences:

  • Special phase occur at 80%, 50%, 20%.

  • There is no warning when Xanos jumps to the furthest person.
  • Marking mechanic is completely removed; when he does his special attack rotation he will simply teleport to the center, create the light/dark zones and the light explosion, and try to heal with the wheel spinning around him. Not CCing or stunning, dazing, or canceling his knockdown during the spinning wheel does not cause an enrage. Afterwards he will do his 5 hit Light AoE, a dark pits attack, and move back to his standard rotation.

  • Darkness no longer stacks passively, only when getting hit his non-light attacks.

Xanos Discs

These are used to upgrade to Baleful and Seraph stage 11 and 12. They can come in a sealed form which is tradeable.


Ancient Stone Chest

The final boss drops Ancient Stone Fragments, similar to Nexus chests, which can be combined into an Ancient Stone Chest, and the dynamic box can give an Old Stone Key to open the chest.




These rocks are fairly common, and are used for evolving Raven weapon stage 7-9, Skyshatter Ring breakthroughs, and Awakened Skybreak Spire accessories. The daily for this dungeon give fragments, 10 of which can be combined into a single black stone.

Divine Dragon/Tiger Bracelet Chest - Stage 1

The final boss can drop either a Divine Dragon Bracelet Chest or Tiger Bracelet Chest, which requires a Brilliant Key to open.



The effect of the bracelet is unique for each bracelet and each class, check this sheet by Meldas for each classes’ effect. Other than that, the two bracelets have the same stats.

If the desired bracelet doesn’t drop, you can use it as a placeholder until Stage 10 where you can convert it to the other bracelet using an Unrefined Bracelet from Mushin’s Tower Floors 16-20.

Awakened Xanos Earring

The Awakened Xanos Earrings drops from the final boss and is an upgrade to the Pinnacle Earring. Despite having less Attack Power and loses all its Critical Damage, it gives much higher Elemental Damage.

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