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Input lag while walking around ?? (ping problem)


First of all , i'm play at Garena Server(TH sv. and VN sv.) and my normal ping is around 70-100
which is every my macro is stable enough to make perfect ani-cancel (lightning sin).

if during ani-canceling , i press WASD to walk around OR jump
my ping wil be increase instantly to around 140-160 cause the ani-cancel fail obviously.

or example when i hold LMB and WASD together simultaneously
result is the same as above

if anyone confuse let me put some video of it this video is the perfect that i wish TT

sorry for my bad eng ,please help me thank you.
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additional i have tried
but is not a solution for this
could anyone explain about my problem is?
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A classic alt + enter (native window full screen) helped me.
Revert your BNS screen after (tick the fullscreen/windowed on the graphics).
it's worked !!
i'm so amazed just change to native full screen mode can fix it
but ya there is another way to fix it?
because i still not used to it (always windows mode)
thank you so much for help. :bnsthumbsup: :bnsthumbsup:
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