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Addon Ice FM Simple Mod (Request) [ABONDENED, NEED HELP]

Ayhan Karabıyık


I have switched to Ice FM few months ago. According to my experiences on Ice FM, I have some changes with simple mod in my mind.

Fire Stance:___________Frost Stance:
Z= Ice Spike_____________
Z= Heatwawe
X= Snowball_____________X= Ice coil
C= Avalanche____________C= Divine Veil
V= Flash Freeze
__________V= Frost Sheath

*(Remove Avalanche From Simple)

*F=Switching to Ice Stance Only (basicly no changes on this one)

**** If some1 help to make this addon, it would be great!!****

P.S.: I have no idea how to make custom addons.


True Hongmoon
U dont even like no stance one?
Basically all ice pve important skills in 1 stance no stance switching and such ... :bnsyeharaclose: if u didnt , give it a try ~

Ayhan Karabıyık

U dont even like no stance one?
Basically all ice pve important skills in 1 stance no stance switching and such ... :bnsyeharaclose: if u didnt , give it a try ~
The one ''all in 1 stance'' is pretty nice in PvE yes. But If you want to enter 6v6 you need to quit game and repair files to remove the addon since it cant be use it 6v6. The other one has ''F'' both stance change thingy which is not okay. I need to be sure that I can ''V'' ice and ''Z'' KD when I press ''F'' button under any circumstances.
But again the one you said ''all in 1 stance'' thingy kinda weird but okay I mean it is nice, but no snowball sadly which is crucial skill in 6v6 for ice fm.
*The one I asked in here can be use in both 6v6 and PvE.
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Ayhan Karabıyık

View attachment 2032 working with clanmate for 6v6/pvp addition:bnsyeharaclose: (so soon it will be perfect)
The specs in the pics are funny who the hell use comet :bnsphew:
Anyway... LMB snowball is a g ood idea. Ultimates in both fire and ice ones especially ice one (B) pretty usefull in 6v6. I would not recommend to touchy them.
Maybe screw fire Ultimate (G), move ice ulti to (G), then you can use (B) for smth else.
However, You need to have fire lmb to create a fire orb in order to use dual dragon.
Therefore, this one can be usefull in 6v6 only but not in PvE. ( no problem in PvP cuz badge creates both fire&flame orb when use 4 in order use Dual Dragon)
In this case you need to repair files every single time when you want to go 6v6 or PvE.

My advice would be;
Ice coil is nice skill but not a crucial thingy in both 6v6 and PvE but only in arena. So you can sacrifice that skill.
Then Put Ice spike to (B). (This will be okay in PvE. But more importantly in PvP since you dont use it all the time)
Then Move Snowball to (C) and blazing palm to (LMB)
Also good idea;
Blazing Palm (LMB) again.
Snowball (B)
These two options also can be use in both 6v6 and PvE
(G should be Ice ultimate in both, basicly sacrificed fire ultimate and Ice coil which is pretty much okay)

P.S.: Do not bother to customize it for arena PvP. That place is not a PewPew place. It requires skillz and effort.
More Importantly Respect Oppenents (=
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