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I seriously doubt unreal 4 will bring people back


Sand Warrior
Updated graphics doesn't make games, if a game looks fun people will play it.

As a 10 year person playin this game I can surly say NC still doesn't know what their doing, more so when all their current devs left.
Or do they?!
Recalling, NC admitted 50-60 being horrible for it's player base and coming to unreal engine will be a whole new client with 45 cap all over again, something I've been crying for years to either make a side server for or a whole new client.

If this is true that we need to download another client for unreal 4 bns i'd gladly give up all my characters i've created/leveled, costumes w/e to have my normal game again.

I've never hated a game so much...
All the broken unfinished nonsense this game has is ridiculous! More so on character damage. I can't stand pvp anymore, actually it's been years when I've enjoyed it! Now these days i'm just in it for season rewards.
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If i read properly. Theres 2 new bns.
One is a continuation of the first. And we get to keep our gear.

the second one is a start from scratch game. which is entirely different.

Theyre called frontier and complete


Sand Warrior
I know about it. What I don't know is, if it's true on the 45 cap remake, that's all I actually care about tbh. Having my 45 back means I can have my normal every day gameplay.
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