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Addon How Do We Feel About XML Edits That Effect DPS?

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by dashrem, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. dashrem

    dashrem Bamboo Warrior Donator Member

    Yea, I noticed it required a feather touch to interact with some quest stuff on my alts, but nothing game breaking. I tried everything from 1.0 to 0.05. I didn't see it really open up till I said screw it and put 0s. I've only be playing BnS for 3 weeks so I didn't really think of searching the forums for old codes. I got bnsbuddy for performance issues and noticed it could edit files. The tinkerer in me was like :bnsglare:.
  2. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    It will be game breaking in raids and some dungeons.

    Besides, it is a pita to handle it when you just want to do simple things, like, opening the portal in DT.

    And yeah, you can edit the files and do cool stuff, like, this:

    And much more!
  3. Vizard

    Vizard Cricket Member

    I tried this and did not see any difference

    FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\client.config2.xml
    Search = <option name="pending-time" value="0.300000" />
    Replace = <option name="pending-time" value="0.1" />
    Search = <option name="pending-key-tick-time" value="0.25" />
    Replace = <option name="pending-key-tick-time" value="0.1" />
    Search = <option name="pressed-key-tick-time" value="0.25" />
    Replace = <option name="pressed-key-tick-time" value="0.1" />
    Search = <option name="charge-key-tick-time" value="0.25" />
    Replace = <option name="charge-key-tick-time" value="0.1" />
    Search = <option name="ignore-mouse-press-time" value="1.000000" />
    Replace = <option name="ignore-mouse-press-time" value="0.1" />
    Description = Remove Delay V1
  4. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    All those that are below 1, should be 0.01. Or even 0.
  5. dashrem

    dashrem Bamboo Warrior Donator Member

    You won't see much of a difference there. I went as low as 0.05 and but see anything spectacular until I just went 0. Those values represent milliseconds of time. 0.25 is 250ms. 0.1 is still 100ms. That's quite a bit of time to wait for a button to push. Especially when each consecutive button push within that time will be delayed by the same interval.
  6. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    While I'm writting quickly, I can read and type at 9 characters per second.
    That is, when writting, I click 9 keys a second, on average.
    That's 111.11111[...] milliseconds per key.

    When I'm playing, I know I can do more than 15 keys a second.
    That's 66.6[...] milliseconds per key, or less.
    Setting to around 0.05 of time between key should be enough.

    Now, you need to take into account on how long you hold the key.

    Using this page:
    I've inspected the input and added the following code to the console:

    $0.addEventListener('keydown', function(){console.log(new Date())})
    $0.addEventListener('keyup', function(){console.log(new Date())})
    This tells me when the events occurred, on Google Chrome.
    With that, I've determined that I take 25~50ms with the key held down, per click (this is a visual observation!).
    Setting around 0.04 won't be too bad for me.

    If you use macros, go for 0.
    More dps for you!
  7. dashrem

    dashrem Bamboo Warrior Donator Member

    I don't use macros, but I do use the simple mode. However, I noticed that if I don't have to release the mouse button to activate something else anymore. That may be the mouse specific setting though.
  8. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member


    That's a setting that says something close to "Hold key to repeat the skill", when you press O.
  9. Daniel Pereira

    Daniel Pereira Cricket Member

    I use 0,05 instead of 0 and yes, messes up a bit, i click F to open gates or something and i need to press F a few times because it fails due to it i think..
    Anyway i think 0 will screw alot of class's, since 0,05 already do it, i doubt 0 will be fine, but i'll test later.
  10. Vizard

    Vizard Cricket Member

    someone could pass me default config? i dislike this
  11. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    Restore the addon (check the addon and click restore) or do a file repair (easiest).
  12. GunerX

    GunerX Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    these lines in the xml have been known for a long time. like...a really long time...and yes you should try to lower these values depending on your own hardware/network/ping etc etc.

    I for example cannot lower those values to 0, it breaks stuff, so instead i lower them by half of what their original values were.

    its not bannable.
  13. dashrem

    dashrem Bamboo Warrior Donator Member

    Ya, I moved the values to 0.01, except for the mouse which is still 0. It fixed all the interaction problems. If this are so well know and clearly increase DPS, even marginally, why don't they have more popularity or have their own sticky? I don't even see them in with the addon packs.
  14. GunerX

    GunerX Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    they do have their own sticky.

    we make guides, mods, addons, videos, tutorials, and literally everyone...ignores them. its extremely frustrating.

    Read. Search. Google. Use the search bar at the top of this very forum.

  15. dashrem

    dashrem Bamboo Warrior Donator Member

    Thanks. I actually saw that. And I did do a quick search for these values and they don't really get the traction they deserve. Maybe cause of the problems they cause? Minor problems, definitely worth the DPS gain. :bnslaugh:
    --- Merged ---
    Lost the DPS boost by changing values to 0.01. In fact, it went lower than default settings. I wish I could see more about what's happening when the settings are 0.
  16. vuyukia

    vuyukia Cricket Member

    Gained 50k dps, gj my friend :bnswink:
  17. lvatrung

    lvatrung Cricket Member

    This is a bad idea when join the Battlefield or Outlaw Island (3rd boss).
  18. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    Yes, it is. You should tone the timmings to how you interact with your keyboard.

    I gave a lengthy explanation on what to take into account above and how I've calculated it.
    lvatrung likes this.
  19. dashrem

    dashrem Bamboo Warrior Donator Member

    I've been doing extensive testing and believe I have figured out optimal values, and what each setting actually does.

    <option name="pending-time" value="1" /> - This tells the game how long a key press will stay in queue. It was defaulted at 0.300000 (300ms). I found raising this to 1 (1 second) made the game more reactive to consecutive presses, especially when holding down RMB. Putting this to 0 removes the queue altogether. So if a button doesn't activate, you'll be smashing till it does.

    <option name="pending-key-tick-time" value="0" /> This essentially adds an additional cooldown to every press on a specific key. Why it even exists, I don't know. Obviously higher values will only throttle your input, especially RMB or any spammable attack. Maybe so you won't get "you can't do that yet" messages on things with little to no CD? But the next setting would prevent that anyway.

    <option name="pressed-key-tick-time" value="0.075" /> This controls how long a keypress is considered, even if you're holding the key down. Which is why low values break everything. 0.1 is safe. 0.05 if you have a light and fast touch. I use 0.075 cause I am in the middle.

    <option name="charge-key-tick-time" value="0.075" /> Dunno. Tried 0 to 10. Nothing changed anywhere that I could see. Matched it to
    "pressed-key-tick-time" for consistency.

    <option name="ignore-mouse-press-time" value="0.075" /> This has no hidding meaning. Literally means it will ignore your mouse click for that much time. If you were to set it to say "3" (3 seconds) and click your mouse and release before 3 seconds, it just won't do that click. It seems safe to just match it to "pressed-key-tick-time".

    Here is an updated patch file/mod.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  20. cupid

    cupid True Hongmoon Staff Member Moderator Member

    Tiny copy-paste mistake.

    This is exactly what you should test.
    I had it set to 0.01 and was hell.
    Clicking was ignored even by a breeze on the keyboard.

    And this is a (crude) way to calculate how long your key is held down when you click:

    In short, thank you for testing all of this.

    This is actually really helpful.
    I haven't had much time to test this, and any testing is super unreliable since I play with very high ping (250+ ms).