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Patch How do i get the file created by BNS Skill Rebinder to work with BnSPatch ?

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I watched this vid , and tried that with other patches and they worked.
but the other patches had the *.patch extension and the code inside them is "find X, replace with Y".

But the file produced by BNS Skill rebinder is different, its a *_patch.xml file.

How do i get that to work with BnSPatch ?


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Please read carefully. I won't give you a warning because the volume of question was cut to almost none, and wouldn't be fair to you.

But understand that we can't do anything.
The most I can tell you is to make sure you are putting the .xml file in the right place, but, that's it. The instructions in the Github page say it all.

However, I will have to lock this, as there's nothing we can do (it isn't our tool anyway).
Not open for further replies.
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