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Heaven's Mandate | By Meiyu

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Heaven’s Mandate

By: Meiyu

Corrections by Shadovv

Heaven's Mandate features Jinsoyun, a familiar character from her role in the story. After completing the story version of this instance, this rewarding Daily Dungeon becomes unlocked.

Heaven’s Mandate can only be entered once per day until the daily quest reset (can be viewed in the minimap clock icon; resets at 12:00PM UTC in North America and 6:00AM UTC in Europe); the daily limit can be reset in your character menu with a Heaven’s Mandate Reset, from the Hongmoon Store or events, in your inventory.

The Dragonpulse from the entrance platform must be activated by placing an White Orb in the statue. The White Orb can be obtained from defeating Winter Mane of Cold Storage or dynamic quests within Zaiwei Ruins.


  • Completion of Act IV: Chapter 36: The Emperor Strikes Back

  • White Orb

    • Common etiquette is that the player who uses the orb is entitled to the loot.


  • Black Rose Feather - Used to purchase Hongmoon Energy - Stage 1 from Dragon Express

  • Petal of Lament - 10 petals combines into a Flower of Lament, a mainstream Legendary Baleful/Seraph Stage 1 Upgrade Material

First Form - Jinsoyun:


HP: 1,840,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

Attack Pattern:

  1. Double Slash: Two frontal slashes, blockable and CC’able.

  2. Blindside: Dashes behind the tank.

  3. Anklebiter: 180 degree sword sweep, blockable and CC’able, inflicts knockdown.

  4. Sundering Sword: Creates a small frontal wave, blockable and CC’able, inflicts daze.

  5. Explosion: Creates an area of effect explosion around her, unblockable, but CC’able, inflicts knockback and knockdown.

  6. Blindside.

If the tank stands 9 or more meters from Jinsoyun, she performs a charging thrust at the tank.

Special Rotation:

Periodically, Jinsoyun engages a new rotation, afterwards she will resume what she was doing prior.

  1. Jinsoyun rains swords on most of the arena, leaving a damaging puddle.

  2. A voice bubble will appear, and Jinsoyun will say "What is this power?" Following this, she will do a 4-hit combo on the tank and can hit nearby players. The final hit launches; if successful she will do a 5-hit aerial combo that deals sizable damage.

  3. A voice bubble will appear, and Jinsoyun will say "I will end your suffering!" Following this, she uses Phantom Grip on the tank, then casts Drain on them thrice, healing 2% HP per successful drain, then drop her victim and leave them knocked down. Can be CC’d. The grip can be iframed, but she will continue to drain health.

  4. Jinsoyun jumps into the air and slams her sword into the ground, creating an unblockable AoE that launches.

At various points throughout the fight, a message warns "Fiends have appeared at Heaven's Mandate." 4 fiends will spawn, 2 on each side of the map. These will run towards the main tank, and once close, they will self-destruct, dealing sizable damage and applies a movement speed reduction.

Second Form - Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary


HP: 2,170,000

Enrage: 7:00

CC: 2x

After defeating her normal form, Jinsoyun unleashes her power and becomes "Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary." She grows wings and her attacks change from those of her normal form. Instead of her various sword attacks, Jinsoyun gains the ability to use a barrage of various AoE attacks.


  • 4-hit ball throw: 4 blockable ranged projectiles, immune to debuffs during animation

  • Large Orb: Throws a large orb projectile, induces knockback and knockdown

  • Charge Explosion: Charges chi, then phantom grips everyone near her and pushes them away.

  • 4-hit combo: 4-hit blockable attack where Jinsoyun phases in and out between each attack, immune to debuffs during animation

  • Spin: 3-hit Blockable circular AoE, inflicts knockback and knockdown on the last hit

  • Teleport: Teleports behind the tank.

  • Phantom Grip: If the aggro holder is more than 8 meters away, occasionally grabs the aggro holder.

World Breaker 97%/57%/27%:

  1. The Dark Emissary will channel a massive unblockable AoE explosion around her.

  2. A message warns “Master’s Apparition has appeared at the Heaven’s Mandate”, and four Master’s Apparition NPCs resembling Master Hong appear who beckon “Please, come here!” Meanwhile, the Dark Emissary teleports to the middle of the room.

  3. A message warns “Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary is casting World Breaker” and she will channel a field-wide AoE that will forcibly lift everyone and drop them, dealing massive damage, blinds, deafens, and stuns. The entire attack ignores iframes. To avoid this, stand near one of the Master’s Apparitions; they will cast a barrier that provides a 5 second buff that makes you immune to the World Breaker attack, but you will be unable to move or attack.

  4. After the World Breaker, the Dark Emissary channels dark chi before releasing it in an unblockable AoE burst around her and deals high damage. The bursts of energy then drop onto various parts of the arena, dealing high damage and dazing.

Mirror Images 75%/35%:

The Dark Emissary will release dark chi; despite having a damage indicator it does no harm. A message then warns "Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary has summoned her Mirror Images" and a pair of The Dark Emissary’s Shadows will appear. These clones are stationary and will use the 4-hit ball throw, large orb, and Phantom Grip attacks. If left alive too long, these will spawn pairs of Fiends, which will rush the tank and self-destruct. These clones should be disposed of as soon as possible.

If the Dark Emissary is pushed to summon Mirror Images in the middle of her World Breaker Phase, she will cancel the latter entirely.

Only two Mirror Images can be active at one point. If the first set of adds are still alive by the time she is pushed to the second, she will still go into the summoning animation, but one or no adds will spawn.
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