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Patch Guardian Warden rotation with XML version


[RMB] Normal Stance
1601061320670.png 1601061325293.png 1601061330087.png
[RMB] Soulburn Stance

1601061347625.png 1601061352814.png 1601061358219.png

Version 1
Version 2
1601061525391.png Sword Salvo still on [ F ] 1601061525391.png Sword Salvo move to [ LMB ]
1601061588639.png Reaper move to [ F ] 1601061588639.png Reaper move to [ F ]
1601061656845.png 1601061649827.png add to [ B ] just fine this for anti stuck charging 1601061770893.png Divine Flurry move to [ F ]
1601061882392.png Blade Barrage add to [ LMB ]
*This skill will pop on [ LMB ] when Sentry Stance only
*Let you hold [ LMB ] for Sword Salvo
1601061656845.png 1601061649827.png same version 1, anti stuck :v
PS. This is my share for play version style :v


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