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Fallen Aransu School | By Litewarior

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Fallen Aransu School
By: Litewarior
Corrections by Shadovv

Gear requirements: None, dps check is incredibly easy to make and if you die you can just run back.

Miniboss: Daehyun
HP: 14,400,000
Enrage: None

Guardian Spirit:
HP: 1,370,000

When you engage Daehyun, he will have the invulnerable Bastion buff until his two Guardian Spirits are destroyed. His attacks are are the same as the Warlock from Mushin’s Tower Floor 17.

The spirits respawn sometime after they’re killed, and Daehyun regains his invulnerability, repeating the processes.

Vileblood Demon:


HP: 186,000,000
Enrage: 12:00

Attack Pattern:

(The attacks are the same as Great Thrall from Temple of Eluvium, so the attack gifs will be from there)

Double Swipe -> Slow Field + Uppercut -> Punishment -> Time Distort -> Slow Field + Uppercut -> Punishment -> Time Distort -> Slow Field + Uppercut

If the tank stands 10 or more meters from the boss, it will do a gesture and the tank will instantly die.

Double Swipe:


Slashes twice with claws, nothing special.

Slow Field + Uppercut

The boss throws a slow field at the tank’s location that severely reduces movement speed to anyone who steps in it. It then does a linear energy wave uppercut, but only does damage with no CC.



This pattern is the same as Raven King: the boss will create two rings sequentially, hitting 0-8 meters or hitting 8-25 meters, in a random order. You must physically avoid this attack; getting hit or iframe applies the stackable Bleed damage over time debuff which deals 6,200 damage per 2 seconds for 30 seconds.


Both hands lifted up = Out/In

One arm down one arm up = In/Out


Time Distortion

The boss is 8x CCable, stun/knockdown it or else it will recast Punishment.

If you stun it, then it will just continue its attack pattern.

If you knockdown it, then it will rise up and send everyone facing it into Soul Separation

If you are facing it while you are in soul separation, you will instead be sent out of soul separation.


When you engage the boss, everyone will gain a 60 second Hellfire debuff.


When this debuff expires you will die. To prevent this, when the boss performs Time Distortion, knock down the boss to send everyone into soul separation. Aggro will be reset on entering soul separation, but if everyone goes in simultaneously the tank should easily regain aggro. Do not look away from the boss or you will not enter soul separation.

When you go into soul separation, you will gain the Perpetuity buff which increases Attack Power by 150 and Critical Damage by 15%, but deals 3,800 damage over time per 2 seconds, the former effect stacks once every 20 seconds while in soul separation and the buff is lost once you exit soul separation. You will also gain the Soul Separation debuff for 80 seconds, when that debuff expires, you will die.



While in soul separation, the Punishment attacks will not hit you so stuns can be ignored, but lines of dark pits will frequently spawn around the boss, dazing and dealing heavy damage.

When the Soul Separation debuff is close to expiring (30 seconds), knock down the boss again to send you out of Soul Separation. You will regain the Hellfire debuff, but also gain the Aftereffect debuff for 30 seconds which kills you if you try to enter soul separation. Stun the next distortion before knocking down again.


CC Pattern:

  • Easy Strategy: The simplest way to handle this boss is to alternate knockdown/stun. This is the easiest method to understand, but is less optimal for damage.

  • Advanced Strategy: To make the most of Perpetuity’s damage buff, avoid knockdowns in soul separation for about three times, until your soul separation debuff is at 30 seconds.
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