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Open cant open bns in 64bit


hi i will use google to talk to you because i am not english but was a time where i used a lot bns buddy i had quit BNS for 2 years or almost and i decided yesterday to get back to it and therefore to re install bnsbuddy and so I installed it and I put a addon for it dps meter but when I put it to play it gave me an error on the update I saw on one of your video from the forum that it was necessary to install the patch of bns on the extra of bns buddy but it does not want to install at least not in 5 minutes like in your video but when I put on bns buddy to launch the game in 32 bit it launches but without the addon but only crashes
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You need:
1: Plugin loader turned on in Extras of bnsbuddy within Plugin Manager.
2: Install SigBypass Plugin.
3: Use the addons and no error will occur.
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