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News Call of the Deep Arriving February 7

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Source: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/call-of-the-deep-arriving-february-7

A new Heroic dungeon, 6v6 battleground, and more are arriving in just a couple weeks.

From the fearful tide of the Amethyst Shore to the Nova Core archeological dig, prepare for a passionate return to the battlefield of love with Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep—arriving February 7!

The Drowning Deeps
New 6-member Heroic Dungeon


As the people of Yurido Village strived to rebuild their homes and their lives, the nearby Amethyst Shore seemed to offer a wide horizon of hope and opportunity – for fishing, for trade, for travel and exploration away from the vicious Volkami. These dreams were quickly dashed along the rocky shore, along with every fishing vessel or ship that pushed out into the waves. Something was attacking the ships, something with enormous dark tentacles, something… that liked to sing.

Nova Core
New 6v6 Battleground


Often considered the greatest archaeological discovery in modern history, the purpose of the ornate Nova Core structure has finally been rediscovered: cosmic bowling. Two teams direct giant orbs of radiant energy, commonly referred to as Pulsars, into the Gateways of their opponents. Archaeologists and masons have worked tirelessly to restore the ruins to its former glory and give a new generation of competitors the opportunity to play the sport of the ancients.

Blade & Soulmate
The Blade & Soulmate season has returned! You’ll want to (lovingly) complete the Daily and Weekly Challenges to unlock new and returning rewards, and of course you can look forward to an exceptional new Blade & Soulmate-themed costume in the Hongmoon Store. In addition, this year adds an optional Love at First Fight PvP component. All’s fair in love and war as you fight for two different factions, collect two halves of a heart, and then combine them into something that you’ll truly love! Unleash your fiery passion on the fields of battle, and emerge breathless and sweaty with a brand new item slot to show for it.

And More
Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep also brings several new Legendary weapons, accessories, Soul Shields, quality of life improvements, and a whole lot more! Stay tuned for our update previews as we lead up to the February 7 launch day.
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