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BnS doesnt start after Xincode and BnS Buddy doesnt save my server and language settings

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i tried yesterday BnS Buddy and it worked well, but today BnS doesnt start after the Xincode and BnS only runs in the background. All my friends can use BnS Buddy but doesnt work by me.

BnS Buddy doesnt save my server and language settings and i have to choose them always.

I hope you can help me.

The problem isnt solved and i cant start the game with buddy.


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For those having issues running the game on Windows 10 after the new update:
Yes, you can still play on the latest version of windows 10 with the xigncode bypass. Please note, this only effects Windows 10 users playing the 64 bit version of BnS. The 32 bit version will work just fine (incase you didnt want to bypass xigncode)
I would also like to point out, if any of you have edited your registry settings for improved network performance with windows 10, the recent update will force you to re-apply those changes. If you used the TCP Optimizer (I strongly recommend checking it out), you will need to re-apply those settings also after this most recent win10 update.
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For having not replied for a while, i'll assume this issue is fixed.
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