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BnS Buddy Error Help

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Hello everyone!

I'm a first time user of BNS Buddy and I'm getting an error, which will be in the screenshot below. The error states "object reference was not set to an instance of an object"

Nothing happens after this loading screen. I've already searched the forum and other sites, I only found one other person witht he same problem, and it was resolved with a custom installer whose link has been removed.

Some info:
-Running Windows 10, Nvidia Geforce 860m, with 24GB of RAM
-I have updated both the client and BnS, they're both up to date
-I've tried both 64 Bit as well as 32 Bit
-I'm using no mods
-I still get this error even when running BnS buddy with nothing checked

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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