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Event News Blade & Soulmate 2018

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The celebration of love has returned, and brings new items, new cosmetics, and a brand-new Valentine’s Day Massacre event that’ll award you with a brand new gear slot!

Love is in the air, but so are tensions around this once peaceful holiday. It’s the time of the year to dress up for a loved one, find the perfect box of chocolates, and arm yourself for an all-out melee in the name of love!


Blade & Soulmate
February 7 – March 16

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges, as well as the dynamic weekly raid quests shown below, to gain Valentine Gift Chests, which contain the Valentine Chocolate event token and Essence of Love wheel token to be used during the Valentine’s Day Massacre event.

Raid Quests

The Valentine Chocolate event tokens can be spent in the Dragon Express for limited-time Blade & Soulmate event rewards. Here’s a selection of some of the items that’ll be available:


Sweet Emotion & Lovebird
In addition to returning Valentine’s Day-themed Blade & Soulmate costumes (Sweet Treat, Pure Affection, Heart Surgeon, Red Rose, and Love Doctor), the new Sweet Emotion costume and Lovebird weapon skin are making their 2018 debut!

Available February 7 – March 16 in the Featured Tab

Sweet Emotion Costume

  • Price: 1699 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Lovebird Weapon Skin

  • Price: 449 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Head to the Hongmoon Store to grab some romantic new threads, and be sure to keep an eye on Today’s Specials for some hot 24-hour sales of other sought-after cosmetics. We won’t ruin the surprise!

Valentine’s Day Massacre
Purchasing the Love Maker and Heartbreaker costumes* will allow you to temporarily join one of these time-limited factions. Head to the Cinderlands outside Yehara’s Mirage to use Essence of Love tokens to spin the Scorching Sands Pinchy Wheels of Fate there. You’ll need to wear one of the faction costumes to do so, and stay alive as the Love Makers and Heartbreakers clash. Defeat 20 members of the opposing faction to unlock an Achievement, and open up the ability to purchase the opposing faction’s Half Heart. Grab both Half Hearts, and along with 30 gold, Transmute these items to create the True Heart item which will go into the new Heart item slot. This new item slot will see more options in the future, but this is the first chance you’ll have at using this brand new gear type.


No matter which side you identify with, you’ll need to use both costumes to spin the wheels, collect both halves of the Heart, and combine it into the True Heart gear piece, providing your character with 1 Boss Attack Power and a unique visual effect. While you’re there, achievements and titles can be obtained for killing the opposing faction—stay alert!

*These are limited-time event costumes, and not permanent additions to your costume collection.
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