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Solved Blade & Soul Complete (UE4) Modding

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Guys UE4 Coming to blade & soul at korea , however modding the ue4 engine its more complicated from me , also the ue3 tools no longer support for that pak format

if anybody can modify the tool and need account for that action i can offer a verified account for you but only for that action no other

Game Engine is V 4.22

No Aes Key Exist Yet


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I strongly recommend that you do NOT offer your account publicly to "someone".
If you do decide to share, make sure it is someone trusted.

Current UE4 tools should do just fine, and an AES key may be set on release.

However, you can contact Endless (『Endless』(Kogaruh)#1337 | 201706847424610306) as he was looking for an account to test logging in with BnSBuddy.


<-- you can also watch this, as it sems to explain what you want to know
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