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News Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Patch Notes

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Source: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-call-of-the-deep-patch-notes/

The next update for Blade & Soul releases February 7.
Call of the Deep Overview

From the fearful tide of the Amethyst Shore to the Nova Core archeological dig, prepare for a passionate return to the battlefield of love with Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep—arriving February 7!


New Heroic Dungeon
Something lurks in the dark, cold depths—do you have the strength to resist its song and conquer what lives in The Drowning Deeps?


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New Battleground
Teamwork is key in this new battleground, which challenges two teams of six to guide massive orbs of energy into your own goal to score points and take the win in Nova Core.


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If you run into any issues with this update be sure to check the Known Issues forum thread for things we’re already working on, but if that doesn’t help please contact our support department for further assistance.

Call of the Deep 4.2 Patch Notes

  • Blade & Soulmate 2018 is now available and will run for 6 weeks from February 7 through March 16.
    • Complete Daily Challenge to receive 1 Valentine’s Day Gift Box. Complete Weekly Challenge to receive 2 Valentine’s Day Gift Box.
    • Complete raid weekly dynamic quests to receive additional Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes:


  • Valentine’s Day Gift Box contains a guaranteed Valentine’s Chocolate event token and 5 Essence of Love wheel token with a chance at more.
    • Redeem the Valentine’s Chocolate event token in Dragon Express for rewards, including but not limited to:
    • Artisan costume
    • Artisan adornment
    • Artisan Glasses adornment (male only)
    • Artisan Headband adornment (female only)
    • Love Maker costume
    • Heartbreaker costume
    • Sacred Oil
  • Players will be flagged against PvP against the opposing faction when equipping the Love Makers or Heartbreakers costume.
  • Players can use Essence of Love to spin the Wheel of Fate in the Cinderlands outside Yehara’s Mirage to receive a Heartbreakers Soul Crystal or Love Makers Soul Crystal.
    • This event repurposes the Pinchy wheels so the cosmetic items will be available from the Dragon Express for the duration of the event.
  • Players can redeem 65 Heartbreakers Soul Crystal for Love Makers Half Heart or 65 Love Makers Soul Crystal for Heartbreakers Half Heart, with an achievement requirement of 20 kills of the opposite faction.
    • There are also achievements and titles available for defeating 100 of the opposing faction, named Heart Attack and Tough Love
  • The Heartbreakers Half Heart and Love Makers Half Heart can be transmuted to True Heart for a cost of 30 gold. True Heart grants 1 Boss Attack Power and grants a unique visual effect.

  • Nova Core, a new 6v6 Battleground, has been added to the regular Battleground rotation as well as Clan Battlegrounds.
    • A new Battleground queue will be added from Sunday 06:00 Server Time until Monday 06:00 Server Time that joins a random Battleground.
    • For the full battleground schedule, please click here.
  • Updated Battleground Daily quests to give you a choice between Galaxy Fragment, Ascendance Stone, and Dragon Forge Fragment.
  • Updated Battleground Weekly quests to give you a choice between Smelting Orb, Ivory Beluga Orb, and Cosmic Pearl.
  • Zen Bean Trader Update:
    • Removed Silverfrost Refining Stone and Naryu Tablet.
    • Moved Bravery Coin and Ascendance Stone from Duel Match and Tag Match to Common tab. Purchase criteria have been removed.
  • Battleground Trader Update:
    • Replaced Unrefined Galaxy Weapon Box with Galaxy Weapon - Stage 1 Chest for 5 Naryu Silver.
    • Added Dragon Forge Fragment (1000 Battle Point) and Cosmic Pearl (2500 Battle Point)
    • Reduced the cost of Ascendance Stone, Ivory Beluga Orb, and Smelting Orb.
    • Nova Core Soul Shield Chest 1-8 are now available for Battle Point and Dragon Forge Fragment, with achievement requirements for Chest 4-8.
    • Removed Battle Point Cost for Ivory Beluga Soul Shield Chest 1-8.
    • Removed achievement requirements for Battleground Soul Shield Chest 4-8.
  • Existing Pet Pods will become Sealed Pet Pods and need to be unsealed to an untradable version before they are used to upgrade or purchase Pet Auras.
  • Changed Legendary Element cost from 20 gold to 10 gold and 5 Element. Changed Legendary Jewel cost from 20 gold to 10 gold and 5 Jewel.
    • The alternate costs that include Soulstone Crystal and Sacred Crystal will remain.
  • Added Vanguard Shield Engraving and Alpha Shield Engraving recipes to Soul Wardens.

  • Legendary Accessory Updates
    • You now have the choice of choosing a PvE or PvP legendary accessory when upgrading a Hellion Accessory.
    • Hellion Ring can now be upgraded to Skyshatter Ring or Inheritor's Ring. You can switch between the two choices at Stage 10 for a cost.
    • Hellion Earring can now be upgraded to Skypearl Earring or Apex Earring. You can switch between the two choices at Stage 10 for a cost.
    • Navigator Belt is now available from Outlaw Island which is used to upgrade Skybreaker Belt.
    • General Merchant Sa Garyung in Valindria now sells Solak accessories for 10 Naryu Silver.
  • PvE Legendary Weapon Updates
    • Reduced cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 6-12 for both Void Fragment and weapon path.
    • Reduced cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 10/11/12 to Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 1/2/3.
    • Reduced cost to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 10/11/12 to Raven Weapon Stage 1/2/3.
    • Reduced cost to upgrade Raven Weapon Stage 1-9.
    • Raven Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can now be upgraded to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively.
    • Reduced cost to upgrade Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 1-9.
    • Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can now upgrade to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively.
    • Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 1-6 are now available. You can switch between Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon with Pristine Oil.
    • Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 6 can be upgraded to Aransu Weapon Stage 6.
  • PvP Legendary Weapon Updates
    • The weapon upgrade tree has been removed; only Smelting Orb and Ivory Beluga Orb upgrade paths will remain and they have received significant cost reductions.
    • Ascendant Weapon Stage 7-9 are now available. Ascendant Weapon Stage 7/8/9 can upgrade to Prosperity Weapon Stage 1/2/3, respectively.
    • Prosperity Weapon Stage 1-9 are now available.
  • Players will no longer need to use a Brilliant Key to receive the weapon for their class when opening the following weapon chests:
    • Yeti Weapon
    • Python Weapon
    • Scorpio Weapon
    • Tormented Weapon
    • Ice Weapon
    • Ebony Weapon
    • Wildwater Weapon
    • Asura Weapon
    • Accursed Weapon
    • Oblivion Weapon
    • Covenant Weapon
    • Acrimor Weapon
    • Twisted Weapon
    • Chromatic Weapon
    • Tiger Weapon
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